Fierce and steady Winds of Change are blowing, and it is easy to get tossed overboard in the storm. Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman and Hay House author of Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine, is a guide for those seeking Shamanic Healing, a connection to Earth Spirits, and who wish to learn more about Paganism. Contrary to what people generally think, Pagans were once defined as “those who live in the country”. It is essential that we reconnect to nature. The Practical Shaman’s weekly Podcast also provides wisdom from other authors of books on Shamanism, Paganism, Shamanic Healing, Wiccan, Earth Spirits, and those offering Shamanic Retreats. Renee is a Wind Whistler and Shamanic Coach whose Podcasts will appeal to newcomers as well as spiritually enlightened beings who wish to learn more about how to navigate change in their lives. Live Awake.


Healed Self Ceremony

Wind Whistling Ceremony for the Children who need healing including the Child inside of YOU. We are doing a prayer for those who are sick, hurt, lonely or have simply lost their joyous wonder. We will journey to the place of the Healed...

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Heather Lee Huff: Nature Based Home Schooling

The Practical Shaman Podcast presents Heather Lee Huff. One day spirit told her and her husband to move to a small Texas town. This is an inspiring story of how she developed a healing circle, and a Nature Based Group for families that...

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Lori Lothian: Three Simple Magic Tools

The Practical Shaman Podcast is delighted to present the Awakened Dreamer, Lori Ann Lothian. Deep Magic Catalyst and Purveyor of Soul Truth, Lori will share three simple tools for increasing your magical power. From the first miracle of...

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