Are your Visions for 2103 Clear Enough to Ensure a Bountiful Harvest?

Do you find it hard to stay the course with your New Years Resolutions?

Setting a goal for January 1 is not in sync with the rhythms of nature.

Boreas, the winter wind of the North, is a cold stinging energy asking us to retreat. Instead of setting a series of goals for New Years, perhaps it is the better to start with a Clear Vision.

1. Seek Solitude with No interruptions – write with as much detail as possible. Make your Vision for 2013 so compelling that you want to jump on board. Write your dream a love letter.

As the light of day continues to grow we head toward the East and New Beginnings.

Eurus – Wind of Change and Clear Visions.

What do I Want to Plant?

1. Clarity: My friend Audre Reed says, "The Angels want us to have everything we need". However they do not know the difference between an ear of corn or a field full of plants. The first time I planted the garden it was random, by chance and I eneded up with a single head of broccolli.

2. Quantum: How do you know if you have achieved your goal? It is important to have measureable stages of progress. For example, I am writing a book. It is easier to make a daily goal of 1 hour a day, then weekly chapter goals. My broader vision is visualizing myself signing my book at Barnes & Noble across the country.

3. Practical – Being the Practical Shaman, goals must grow corn. The operative word is grow. When envisioning your goals, begin with a Verb.

Plant • Till • Fertilize •  Weed • Water

4. Natural: As much as I love pineapples and avacodos, they will not grow in the desert. For each planting season we need to be clear to ensure that we plant the proper seeds so that they will grow. In the desert there are 3 growing seasons, however, by May it is too late to plant broccoli.

Your goals need to be attainable within the time frame that you have created. Although you may have a bigger overall goal for the entire year, it's better to partition it into growing seasons.

As you hibernate, let Boreas blow your goals North of your Comfort Zone: Dream Big! When it comes to planning, be aware and vigilant: Notus, the south wind will bring challenges as the summer storms rain down upon your plans.

As you learn to tend to your garden, you can expand and develop it into a full-blown farm. However, if you start with a huge plot of land, you will quickly become discouraged. A friend decided to plant a garden, and developed a large plot. Soon the lettuce was being consumed by rabbits and deers. By summers end, there was very ittle to harvest, even though she had spent most of her summer pulling weeds. Her dream of becoming self sufficient was washed away by Notus, the summer Rain.

When Notus brings the summer rain, the only thing that will keep you going is by understanding the "Why."

The Why will get you through Obstacles and Allow you to Adjust and Develop New Techniques to fend off ravenous carrot-loving rabbits.

Season: When is the Best Time to Bring your Harvest to Market?

Take a more Earth Centered Natural approach to your goals by allowing Zephyrus, the West Wind, to guide you.

Are you planting a garden to feed your family, your community, or to sell at the farmers market? You must fertilize your soil well with a solid dream. Just as your garden requires daily watering, your Goals need to be Reviewed on a regular basis. 

Whenever your garden becomes overrun with weeds, talk to a master gardener for advice.

Sometimes we need to replant, fires can occur and drought is possible. Be flexible and adjust accordingly, as the Winds of Change can blow in without any warning.

Call upon the North Wind to help you Clarify your Visions. Here is a Free  30 minute talk with a Meditation  with Boreas The North Wind. 

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Renee Baribeau, the “Practical Shaman, ” is an accomplished mentor, respected business coach, dynamic spiritual teacher, speaker, and published author. Renee is well known for her no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” approach in helping others to achieve successful business practices. Her clients include entrepreneurs, CEO’s, movie producers, and celebrities. Learn More.

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