When Oya Strikes, Transformation beginsOya- Orisha-Wind of Transformation

Oya is a powerful wind, a harbinger of change. Her husband Shango, a thunderous raging storm God, usually accompanies her. The combination of her sword and his fire purifies everything in their path, as they use hurricanes and cyclones to clear the way for new growth. Legend states, “What Oya destroys, you no longer need.”

As Goddess of commerce, Oya keeps a watchful eye on all activities occurring in the marketplace. Those who heed her message will see their struggling business rise from the ashes and transform into a prosperous enterprise. Her name means, “She tore,” and if a business lacks integrity, Oya rushes in, and slices it up into shreds with her sword, ensuring that justice will be heard and seen.

Often disguised as a water buffalo, this Goddess is a fierce protector of women, capable of violent outbursts whenever a wrong needs to be made right. Despite her fiery side, Oya has a nurturing side, and is also known as a mother of nine, with her offspring representing the tributaries of the Niger River in Africa. When summoned by prayer, Oya empowers mistreated women, and engenders feminine leadership.

[clickToTweet tweet=” Fortuitous omen signifying  a powerful, spiritual transformation. #quote” quote=”Whenever this passionate wind Goddess appears in your life, it is a fortuitous omen signifying that you are about to undergo a powerful, spiritual transformation.”]

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When Oya arrives as a tempest East wind, a rapid transformation of your belief system is eminent. Your ideas, plans and memories may be scattered far and wide by the force of her raging storm. Once this upheaval subsides, stillness will settle in. This is a time to be patient and watchful, as vistas of exciting new possibilities are projected onto the screen of your mind.

Resisting change is a fruitless endeavor when Oya appears in the contrary position. Surrendering, and allowing Oya to “Clear the air” of old habits and rigid forms that stand in the way of progress will reveal new possibilities.




Without the invigorating breath of wind, stagnation sets in and death is sure to follow. Oya appears as a purifying rainstorm to saturate and nourish your arid emotional landscape. As a mother she understands that while you cannot always protect your children from the storm, your love can provide a safe haven where healing can take place. Call upon Oya to guide you to a place of serenity so that you can nurture yourself or a loved one.

Are you stuck in an unhealthy situation or relationship? If Oya appears as a south wind, hang on, and prepare yourself. Shango is never far away, and together they will ignite your inner fire. Oya is here to protect you in a loving manner as she nudges you toward a place of calm and security.


A change of season is in the air when Oya appears in the West quadrant. As a gatekeeper of life, Oya can guide you through transitions at home, business or within your dimensional Self. If you are experiencing a loss, keep in mind that the cycle you are presently in is quickly waning. The fruits of your harvest will become evident after the next growing season.

If you are unwilling to plow your fields of negative thoughts and feelings, Oya appears in the contrary position. You may be feeling pains in your body that may indicate feeling a lack of support.  Oya manifests as a violent rainstorm to wash all obstacles standing before you, so that you can embark on new journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

Oya-Subconcious TransformationNorth

Inner transformations unfold at a subconscious level before they become apparent. The presence of Oya in the North quadrant suggests that you may be on the cusp of a cycle, and on the verge of a great change. [clickToTweet tweet=”Oya is preparing you to make a leap from your current state into the unknown. #quote” quote=”Oya is preparing you to make a leap from your current state into the unknown.”] Even though your coordinates may not give a clear indication of your present condition, you can be sure that Oya is aligning you to your magnetic north.

The appearance of Oya in the contrary position signifies that deep spiritual forces are at work. Every change has a tipping point, where old forms and ideas are cast aside, as a new higher state of consciousness rises to the surface. Be patient and know that all is well; feeling unstable is part of this transformational process.


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