Lake TiticacaJoin us as our trek continues through the rich soil of Peru with the second week of the free Insider’s Guide to Peru Tele-summit which begins on February 27th at 11am PST, 1pm CST or 2pm EST.

During the first week we met the children of the sun. Elizabeth Jenkins wove a bright tale of our future messengers and mesa carriers.  She related the strong pull to re-orient the children in the ways of their indigenous traditions while providing them with the education they require for today’s technological world.  For years, according to Jenkins, the affluent upper class in Peru refused to acknowledge Quechua as their native tongue. Today, knowing Quechua is chic and with several hundred thousand people carrying the message forward, this oral language is here to stay.

We also travelled to the top of the world and the banks of sunny Lake Titicaca where Jorge Luis Delgado shared the magic and the mysteries of the Incan cosmology. Jorge spoke about reigniting the light within.  He spoke about the prophecies of the Pachakuti; the turning over of the world or the mulching of the old energies. With childlike enthusiasm he shared their lore of an emerging new sun.

Both talks were heart-warming and invigorating, preparing the way for week two when we begin our insider’s tour of the sacred temples and out of the way places with Jamee Curtice. No passport needed! Jamee leads sacred tours, spending half her year in Peru.  She will take us on a tour of the Temple of the Condor, the town of Ollantaytambo, the Inca ruin of Moray, the Temple of the Falcon, the Temple of the Winds and the Waters, and Machu Picchu.

The tour will continue along the mountain passes with Linda Fitch, Dean of the Light Body Schools.  In her words; “a journey up the mountain is a rite of passage or a spiritual quest.  It is a quest of knowledge, wisdom and joy.  Come listen and explore how you can anchor yourself to the spirit of the mountains”.  

Finally, after visiting the sacred sites and paying homage to the mountains, we will exercise our gratitude with Stevi Belle. Stevi will share with us the Despacho Ceremony, a core practice of the healers of the Andes.  It is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. 

Please join us for this amazing series. Once you register for this week, you will receive links to last week’s calls.  We look forward to traveling with you.

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