The South Quadrant (The Emotions)

Many indigenous legends talk about a wind that blows in from the South to battle with Jack Frost of the North, hoping to restore harmony among all people. The Cherokee and the Hopi people both refer to this southern wind as the Light Magician, a spirit that ushers in the summer. The southern landscape represents youth, innocence, patience, and self-exploration. In Hopi legend, a wizard from the North faces off against a wizard from the South by tossing frozen snowballs into his warm wind. Often, a wind card placed in the South symbolizes an opportunity to melt away our emotional problems and move beyond doubts and fears.

In WindWork™, the quadrant of the South is the land of emotions, while the North refers to Spirit. Just like the wizards in the Hopi legend, you can learn to face your fears and soothe your emotional pains. By casting one snowball at a time into any warm southern wind energy, you’ll eventually become master of your own destiny. The warmth and brilliance of the summer sun can defeat even bitter cold. Love can prevail in your life no matter what spiritual challenges come your way.

The Southern Landscape

Storytelling has been used throughout history as a powerful tool with which to explain the meaning of our lives. Happy endings are not always reserved for fairytales. Attaining a state of inner balance and harmony is the primary goal of WindWork™.

The landscape of the South is filled with good intentions and negative traits, which are well hidden and tinged with fear. Click To Tweet

As you hone your navigational skills, the South will no longer be a place where self-defeating patterns repeat. If you desire to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your spirit, you must slay emotional dragons repeatedly throughout your life. Each cycle of your life will reveal new allies and teachers who can help you to do so.

The South can be a difficult territory to navigate. In many traditions it represents adolescence. It also represents the longest day of the year and the midday sun, and it can be the bringer of emotional storms. Remember, however, that summer rains can refresh an overheated landscape. The South is one of the most powerful and subtle regions in your inner landscape. Without proper alignment of your Awakening Compass, your emotions can lead you astray in life. Taking personal responsibility for healing past trauma and upset is crucial if you truly want to find peace. During your life you will experience illness, abuse, heartbreak, loss, and pain. Although these challenges are inevitable, the manner in which you deal with them is always in your hands; emotional suffering is optional.

If you are diagnosed with an illness, you very well may find the solution in the South. Western medicine treats the symptoms of disease, whereas shamans treat diseases in a holistic fashion; they encourage us to align our mental, spiritual, and emotional components. Shamans believe diseases can be healed before they manifest in the physical body. Some people are also able to heal chronic illnesses by restoring balance within. If dying from an illness turns out to be your spiritual destiny, the work you do in the South will help you to achieve peace as you sail your inner seas during your final days on Earth.

In life, we often are attracted to, and fall in love with people who possess traits that we lack. The bitter experience of finding out that the “other” (person, place, or thing) cannot complete us is one of the greatest teachings that the South has to offer. As Karol Truman pointed out in the 1991 book of the same name, “Feelings buried alive never die.”


The Emotions

Desires and needs reside in the South. In and of themselves these are neither good nor bad; but left unchecked they can cast your ship onto perilous reefs. Anger, despair, loneliness, confusion, and frustration are signs that you’ve been blown off course. Some flaws in life can be removed, while others remain as vital points on your compass, enabling you to calculate your current position and make adjustments before moving on.

Like the brave spirit that traveled north for true love, fulfilled emotions provide the spiritual fodder necessary for living a balanced life. Have you ever experienced amazement at a birth, joy at a wedding, or been inspired by a glorious sunset? It is important to remember that gratitude is a powerful daily prayer.

A crucial element of this work is to teach you how to confidently navigate your emotional landscape like a skilled captain sailing the seven seas. As you progress, you’ll see the signposts and recognize subtle clues. Learning to chart your current position on your inner landscape is the first step to finding peace.

The Winds of the Spirit cards will help you to identify your feelings, and show you where they reside in your body. With this knowledge you’ll become an inspired, skilled navigator of your inner world and be able to attain and celebrate your dreams.


Signs and Symptoms of Sailing Through the South

        Are you triggered? Are thoughts churning in your head like rolling clouds in a summer thunderstorm? Then you may appreciate the origins of the word resentment, which comes from the Latin root word meaning “to re-feel.” Years ago a psychiatrist warned me to see my anger as a symptom of hurt. A sudden downpour of feelings, including fear, confusion, embarrassment, irritability, dismay, boredom, exhaustion, grief, insecurity, hopeless, helpless, jealous, hate, and depressed are good indicators that your needle is pointing south.

Another signpost that you are entering the southern quadrant is a new beginning. Every new beginning requires an emotional checkup. Consider the phrase “You must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.” Each morning you are provided a new opportunity to see the world with fresh eyes. Heading South requires you to readjust your sails throughout the day.


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