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Njord was a Vanir God who calmed seas and fires, and ruled over the summer winds. According to the poet Snorri, in the Prose Edda, Njord had vast wealth, distributing land and treasures as he pleased. Today. Scandinavians still strive to be “as rich as Njord”, and he is often offered the second toast for peace and plenty.[1]

The Norsemen were innovative ship builders, pirates, merchants and skilled navigators. They traveled by sea, expanding their trade routes east to the Black Sea, west to Iceland, and south into Scotland, Wales, France and England. Archaeologists have unearthed burial sites proving that their clinker-built ships reached Newfoundland five centuries before the arrival of Columbus. However, not all Norseman were pirates who conquered the land and seas; many lived peaceful, physically demanding lives as fishermen, hunters, and farmers.

Njord loved the hustle bustle of life near the sea.

When Njord’s light breeze blows into your life, your waters become energized and invigorated, signifying that it is time for extraordinary growth in your life.Click To Tweet


When Njord makes his appearance in the South, you’ll become aware of the polar opposites residing within you. In Scandinavian mythology, Njord was offered in marriage to the Ice Giant, Skadi, as restitution for the slaying of her father. While Njord cherished the hustle bustle of the fertile seaport, Skadi preferred the dead stillness of the dark northern landscape. Concessions were made, and to appease everyone, they spent equal time at each place. This is a reminder that two opposing emotions, such as the warmth of summer and the cold of winter, can exist simultaneously. A compromise is needed in order to reestablish a balance between your emotional wealth and overall well-being.

If the sea turns choppy, and your boat is rocking and ready to capsize, Njord is telling you that you are neglecting your personal needs and desires by focusing your energy on others.Click To Tweet Eventually, Njord and Skadi realized that their differences were too great and eventually separated. In order to refill your emotional cauldron, you may need to cut emotional ties with certain people, places or things.

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[1] [1] The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia, Sir William Alexander Craigie, Archibald Constable and Co LTD, London 1906 p.

When Njord smacks your ship as a crosswind, you are reminded to use discretion and express yourself with kindness so that others don’t get hurt. Not all secrets need to be shared. Be mindful of gossip that keeps you connected to negative forces that prevent you from moving forward. Prosperity comes from hard work, not from the labors of others.
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