Call upon Norse god Njörðr whenever you need wind power to reach your destination. This week’s Wind of Spirit arrives from the West; the place of the Harvest, the Physical Body, and Endings. Njörðr loved the Sea, while his partner craved the mountains. This Week’s Winds of Spirit reminds you that in nature, everything is possible.

Awhile back while traveling through the UK to speak at Religion in Society, I visited many old sacred stone sites. The Glastonbury Ruins felt mystically pleasant, while the ancient structures at the Roman Baths offered an otherworldly smell, which caused me to get sick to my stomach and vomit.  Empath’s are sensitive to energy, and their surroundings can have a profound effect.

Your personal landscape may be at the forefront of your attention this week. Are you aligned to the land, and is it feeding your soul? In Scandinavian mythology, Njörðr was offered in marriage to the ice giant Skadi as restitution for slaying her father. While Njörðr cherished the hustle and bustle of the fertile seaport, Skadi preferred the dead stillness of the dark northern landscape. Concessions were made so that they might spend equal time at the place of their choosing. This is a reminder that opposites, such as the warmth of summer sun, and the icecaps of winter, can exist within you simultaneously.

Once you realize that two opposing viewpoints can co-exist, you are able to live life in the present moment. Recently, I joined forces with a small intensive mastermind to help me with the launch of my upcoming book and and coursework. Having one foot resting on the safe dock, and the other on the gunwale of the boat is a reminder to put your trust in the wisdom and generosity of Njörðr who appears when needed. The people I needed to help me appeared when I was ready to launch.

If Njörðr blows in as a strong unpredictable headwind, grab your oars and start paddling with gusto!

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The appearance of Njörðr as a playful west wind signifies that universal secrets of prosperity are bubbling below the surface and will soon be revealed. This widely venerated Norse god was shrouded in mystery. As the icecaps melt, a clear path will be revealed. Infuse your life with magic and discover a world of prosperity that lies beyond the horizon.

If Njörðr raises the sea and waves smack sideways into your ship, you must clear all obstacles from your path. Use discretion before moving forward, so as to not injure yourself or others. Icebergs loom deep beneath the water’s surface; some secrets should be cherished and kept hidden. Gossip is capable of sinking any ship. Achieving prosperity requires diligence and hard work, as well as charting a new course of action.

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Addendum: How Njörðr showed up in my life.

Njörðr was definitely blowing in my favor today. My tire pressure light had been all day and when I checked my tires, I discovered a nail in embedded in one of them. My mechanic said it would take an hour to repair. I was worried about my phone battery dying, but getting my tire repaired was more important.  On my walk, I saw the exact battery charger that I needed hanging from a tree.  I arrived at the coffee shop without cash. A very generous cashier paid for my coffee with money from her tip jar. Fortunately American Tire fixes leaks for Free. Today the Winds of Prosperity definitely arrived, and I am filled with joy and gratitude.

Njord: The Winds of Prosperity have Arrived

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Summer Campfire at sunset

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