It is time to pay attention to your inner guidance. Turn off all distractions to inventory yourself right now. Ask yourself, do you have food; shelter; meaningful work; relationships; and are you Happy? Stop looking outside for validation of your current conditions. Everywhere you turn there are distractions, from the snow at the spring equinox, guns, and world chaos. The best way you can stay centered feeling at peace is to keep it simple this week.

Nil’chi, “the holy wind that informs everything,” offers guidance to those whose inner ears are open.Click To Tweet When the universe was created, the Sacred Wind entered the darkness of the underworld. Dark and light wind energy fused, giving birth to mists of lights that traveled to the four corners of the middle world. These energies settled in the mountains, and breathed life into the four cardinal peaks of the Navajo landscape. Everything in the Navajo world is alive with energy; “wind that stands within.” Unlike the Western viewpoint where language attempts to define and order reality, in the Navajo cosmology, the Holy Wind informs all life. Wind possesses all knowledge, and having the power to inform, and order life, it also has the ability to command, compel, organize, transform, and restore. [i]

The Navajo believe there is an in-standing wind that enters our body prior to ­birth, staying with us until we exhale our very last breath. For the indigenous people of the plains, words express the energy and movement of wind. Wind enlivens, organizes, mobilizes, and transforms everything. Wind influences our thoughts and feelings, helping us to take the right actions. Through sacred language and ceremony, wind can dispel darkness and create desired outcomes for individuals and communities. In order to live in peace and harmony, one must develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Wind.

When Nil’chi appears in your life, listen carefully because guidance and transformation are forthcoming.

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East (Mount Blanca Sisnaajiniis, Eastern point on the Navajo Horizon), a white mist rises from the underworld, marking the dawn of a new day.From the East, Nil’chi has appeared to instill new ideas into your consciousness. It is imperative that you be open to these gifts. Remember that all of life is expressive, and communicates. Allow yourself to be receptive to an inflow of new ideas.

Do you believe you do not have enough time, or that time is running out? In the Hopi language there is no concept of time, there is only the present moment, the now. If Nil’chi reveals appears as a contrary wind, bring your thoughts into the present moment.

South (Mount Taylor Tsoodzil – Blue Bead or Turquoise Mountain)

The time to act and move forward has arrived. Listen closely to your inner voice; now is the time to organize, plan and follow the guidance speaking from within. Missed opportunities happen when a door opens and you fail to walk through. Feel the counter wind blowing, and ask that Nil’chi removes any emotional blocks preventing you from moving forward.

West (Doko’oosliid – San Francisco Peaks)

Like the sun setting down into the western horizon, you have successfully accomplished your mission. When Nil’ Chi shows up as a contrary west wind, it is a reminder to wait patiently until your crops are ready to harvest. Tune into the in-standing wind of the land before proceeding.

North (Mount Hesperus Dibé Nitsaa from Navajo is Big Sheep)When Nil’chi appears in the North quadrant, it signifies that a transformation of energy is on the horizon. There is always a moment, at the end of a dark cycle (night) when an energetic shift occurs. Keep all of your senses alert. Venture outside at night and observe the subtle wind as it heralds a brand new dawn. There is no time like the present to take an inventory of your spiritual gifts. Nil’chi in the contrary position encourages you to offer a prayer of gratitude for the lessons learned during the previous cycle.

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1 Holy Wind and Navajo Philosophy, James Kale McNeeley, The University of Arizona Press, Tuscon, 2001 p

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