Nil’chi (Navaho): Intuition

This wind can be conjured up for inspiration, organization, or ritual, and to provide strength when needed.

When Nil’chi appears in your life, make sure that all of your senses are alert because guidance, transformation, and expansion are forthcoming.

Everything is alive with energy. As an empath, one has to be very aware of their surroundings all the time. Click To TweetWhen your in-standing wind feels off kilter, it may not be your own dissatisfaction, illness, or pain. 

Reality is a multi dimensional. In the indigenous cosmology all time is occurring simultaneously. Doorways to other realms may be closed or open through intent and meditation. Without awareness, there can be a spill over from one event to another.

During a Winds of Spirit weekly meditation that I recently conducted with a client, I realized that experience is like a bamboo reed; there are many levels, and gate keeping knots. Access to other realms requires being able to traverse the multidimensional landscape at will. The knots on the bamboo act as intermediary doorways, much like our chakra system. As an empath, I have been tired lately. I realized in the meditation with my client that I was sourcing from my solar plexus, and trying to exert power over situations I could not change. The guidance my client received was that in order to restore her vitality and power, she must tap into the wind from her heart center.

We were reminded that wind possesses all knowledge, having the power to inform and order life. It also has the ability to command, compel, organize, transform, and restore.[iv] 

This week you may be experiencing emotions that feel extraordinary, and off beat as Nil’ Chi arrives from the South. if so, look below the surface for your answer.


Nil’chi arrives from the south as a cunning, competitive wind. Your inner voice asks you to look beyond the surface of people, things, and events; they may not be what they seem. Listen closely to your intuition; do not question your gut reaction. If you have been deceived, study the clever trick closely, lest you be fooled again. A thief can only steal your horse when your back is turned; call upon your inner winds to expand your awareness.

Missed opportunities happen when a door opens and you fail to walk through due to fear. Fear is a counter-wind; ask Nil’ chi to remove any emotional blocks preventing you from moving forward.

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