Nil’ Chi arrives from the North, offering direct access to spirit. This week’s Winds of Spirit is encouraging you to pause and reflect before moving forward. Last week’s Wind of Spirit Card was also Nil’Chi but from the Emotional South.

For me, the past week has had everything to do with diving deep into my past, to clear out remnants of old emotional patterns. Nightly dreams involved people, places, and things that no longer seem relevant to my life.  At one point during the week, I woke up in a cold sweat, proclaiming, “I deserve success”. This felt like an internal battle for a good life. The more we clear our past wreckage, the sweeter the journey until we reach the next plateau where the juicy nectar requires refinement before drinking. This is the path of the mystic.

This week’s Winds of Spirit is Nil’Chi arriving from the North, the place of spirit. Before moving a project, relationship, or business forward towards a new cycle, one will always have to pass the spiritual gatekeeper. This is where energetic consensus and support is garnered for forward movement.

Nil’chi, “the holy wind that informs everything,” offers guidance to those whose inner ears are open.Click To Tweet If you feel discordant, Nil’chi encourages you to customize your prayers. Offer gratitude for the strenuous but important lessons learned during the daily, monthly, yearly, or larger cycles of life.


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Nil Chi: North

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

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