Are they last year’s recycled dreams and goals? New Years Resolution

Or did you start fresh with a new list.  It’s tedious when we promise ourselves this year will be the one for change, and then disappoint yet again. Or have you already given up on yourself declaring you blew it eating that piece of cheesecake on January 2nd, so you might as well quit? Remember that it is a New YEAR’s resolution and you have the whole year to accomplish or make strides on your goal. A new year can start any day, not simply January 1.

For example, I have been on a cleanse followed by a diet since January 3rd. Over the weekend I encountered a chocolate cakeI could not resist. Instead of being defeated on Sunday, I chose to combat my love of chocolate with a salad topped with fish. With this new, healthier version of myself, I consider donating the weight as a lifestyle choice, thereby  eliminating resolution stress.

How about taking a different approach?

Instead of the ‘make or break’ method you’ve used previously, why not simply make modifications instead? If you like a drink but vowed to stop, have one less than usual. Instead of giving up dessert, have an apple, Jello or small piece of chocolate so you don’t feel deprived. Or why not work on something completely different? Forget the usual list: Lose weight, exercise, learn a language, go on a trip, be nice to husband. Work on self actualization and you’ll find everything else will drop into place. This is no easy feat and may be overwhelming to contemplate. Start with moderating your behavior and eventually baby steps become huge strides Before you know it you will feel change pervade your life with a better sense of self and internal peace.

The trouble with resolutions is that they are designed to disappoint. We are all so sure that this year things will be different and when we don’t accomplish our wishes all the negativity of failure envelops us. If your feet are stuck in glue you can’t move forward. Instead wake up every day and ask yourself what good thing you will do for yourself today to start the day, how you can tell your partner or children you love them, make one call to a loved one just to say hello, not later but right after your morning ritual, before you begin the day.

Do one thing every day upon waking, so that if the stress and strain of life blows in like the North wind, you are already one up on your day. Think of negativity as the free radicals that attack our healthy cells. In the same way, we need happy, positive energy to combat the negative. Eventually, many little steps later, we will love ourselves just as we are and in return will want to look after ourselves, organically, not just because the New Year commands it. Baby steps are the revving of the engine; as momentum builds so will fortitude and faith and you’ll be chugging along at maximum velocity full of vim and vigor. So put the resolutions in the drawer and try a different approach. No dieting but substituting, no marathon running but a simple walk to look at the ocean. If it’s a language you want to learn, simply learn a new word every day so you’re not engulfed in grammar and want to quit. Baby steps and deep breathing – now that’s a resolution!

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