I’ve been a Shaman, consultant and coach to movie stars and celebrities for years.

I’m not easily swept away by fame, glitz and glamour. I always look beyond the face and look for the grace residing in every human heart. Admittedly, I was a bit awe-struck when one of the world’s brightest actors beckoned me to her home off Park Avenue. The glittering sparkles of fame quickly dissipated and I saw a wonderful, sensitive human being. By nature, stars are very creative. Many strive to make our world a better place. As confidante and consultant, I work closely with my clients to develop strategies designed to bring joy, bounty and success in their professional and personal lives. In turn, their success inspires me.

I love discovering what’s under the hood of a well tuned Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche.

Speaking of cars, as a child I liked watching, “My Mother the Car,” on TV. Looking back, I realize that it was all show and no go because it only lasted one season. Back then, a season was 30 episodes, whereas today’s shelf life of a television show can be as little as 3 takes. I also watched “Mr. Ed” and “Lassie” with glee. My early attraction to talking animals and magical modes of transportation laid the foundation of my practice as a shaman and life coach.

I remember watching Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont in “Leave it to Beaver” and wondering why my family life was so dysfunctional compared to this idyllic Hollywood portrayal.

Unlike Florence B. Henderson, my mom had to go to work every night as a bartender to put food on our table, and our family disagreements often ended with a call to the police. I grew up during a time when divorce was on the rise as gigantic black and white TVs dominated most American living rooms. I was a fan of Mary Poppins, and as I continue doing research on mythology for my new book, “When the Wind Blows,” I realize that it was a Magical Shamanic East Wind that carried Mary Poppins onto the sliver screen.

The Hero’s Journey is a theme that always draws me into a story. I relate to characters that rise to the occasion and overcome great adversity. Perhaps that is why my biggest hero in Hollywood is Meryll Streep. While she is not a client, I consider her to be the most brilliant actress on stage, and have been mesmerized by every performance. Whether it is in Karen Silkwood, a heart wrenching tale of uncovering corruption, or her performance as lonely wife in “Hope Spring,” her ability to convey the depth of human emotion is uncanny. Although I haven’t been in a 30-year marriage, I feel the hopelessness, anguish and pain she experiences, thus enabling me to be compassionate and understanding of my client’s needs. Meryl Streep brings the human condition to its knees, and in “The Iron Lady” she is able to show a soft, loveable side to the controversial, hard-edged Margaret Thatcher.

Meryll Streep is my Celebrity Crush and favorite heroine. I would be honored to be called to her Connecticut home and peer into the engine of this woman who revs up my emotions like a finely tuned talking car. Like the rest of my Hollywood clients, I’m sure that she is a multifaceted human being with a soft underbelly that is cloaked in fame.

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About the Author

Renee Baribeau, known internationally as The Practical Shaman, specializess in making the mundane magical. In the oven is her book When the Wind Blows, a practical guide for navigating your emotions windstorms, eyes wide open. She is a modern day life coach who combines ancient energy practices with processes to create combustion for lasting happiness. In 2010, Renee’s healing memoir, The Shaman Chef; How cooking saved my life, placed her among the top 25 finalists in The Next Top Spiritual Author competition, emerging from a field of over 2,500 candidates world-wide. Her essay, “Creativity a Recipe for Awakening” is included in an anthology entitled Pearls of Wisdom, Thirty Life Changing Ideas featuring Jack Canfield. Sacred Plant Medicine, a journey to yourself. Check out her business and personal workshops and travel on Facebook and at her Practical Shaman blog.

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