The Practical Shaman is honored to present Marti Spiegelman. Marti brings over four decades of specialized training in shamanic traditions and related fields to her current work as a leadership advisor, executive mentor, and shamanic teacher. She is the founder of Shaman’s Light™, a professional-level shamanic initiation and mentoring program dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and the creation of abundance through passion-based work. Marti’s Work: “is devoted to bringing the original technologies of consciousness to modern leaders, organizations, innovators, and skilled professionals so together, in true collectivity we may restore our world to a state of thriving and well-being for everyone. Consciousness is always evolving to produce higher levels of abundant life. As a unique expression of Consciousness itself, our uniquely human role is to become masters of its organizing principles so we may steward that evolution expertly, in never-before-seen ways.”

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