Whenever You Feel Lost, Call to Mari, the Basque Wind Goddess, 3 times, and She Will Come to Your Aid.

Yesterday,  I pulled a Winds of Spirit Card for a client. This morning after learning the outcome of the election, I went to my altar to pray for guidance. I pulled the same Winds of Spirit Card again. It was Mari, the Divine Wind Goddess of the Basque.

The message was, “Know that you are held by the divine.” When Mari arrives from the caves of Northern Spain it is signal that Shakti energy is omnipresent and flowing. She arrives as a soothing Wind Goddess from the South quadrant of the awakening compass, which represents your Needs, Desires and Emotions.  Mari invites you to evoke her, and command her energy to help heal the raw emotions you may be feeling this week.

Mari is a prominent mythical deity of Northern Spain; a mysterious Goddess who resides deep inside the base of the Pyrenees Mountains. Malevolent and mischievous, her influence has been felt throughout the ages. The Basque people regard her as the source of all creation. Her beauty is as rich as Mother Earth herself. She is often associated with Mary, the Divine Mother.

If Mari casts down a storm from her cave, be assured that a gift is forthcoming.  To receive it fully, you will need to coax its essence from the depths of the rich, dark, feminine mother.

The arrival of Mari is a wake up call that brings a gift of contradictions as she side-slaps you, and bursts into your life like a lightning bolt. Mari refuses to adapt to consensus and will shake your beliefs to the core. When missionaries encroached her cave, she transformed one of them into a raven who later died from fright. Ask yourself, “Where am I compromising or abandoning my own knowingness in order to follow the herd?” Determine the areas in your life where fear is the prevailing wind, and make the necessary adjustments so you can move forward with confidence.


If Mari casts down a storm from her cave, be assuredLike a fragrant perfume gently wafting through the air, Mari drifts in from the south to stir, and fully awaken your erotic potential. Mari was an androgynous, passionate lover. Although she had a husband named Sugaar, she also brought willing young village maidens to her cave for extended visits. Mari is also the mother of balance; her offspring were Attarrabi-good and Mikelats-evil. Call upon Mari to reveal and balance the themes in your life with your inner emotional winds of needs and desires. If you are feeling emotionally undernourished, seek out the companionship of women, or take on a new lover.

When Mari blows in as an arid south wind, your passion may feel diminished and parched. She arrives as the Divine Mother, bearing gifts to enliven and nourish you. Visualize her red swirling life force dancing passionately inside and around your second chakra. Call on Mari to remove any emotional blockages that are preventing you from loving your self, the essential force that nurtures your creative soul.

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