WindWork Provides a set of tools that can help you navigate any situation in your life.

This exercise will help you manifest your hearts desires. Once you are clear on where you want to go, the universe will provide the appropriate wind. You live in an abundant universe where you can easily manifest your dreams and achieve your aspirations. It is important to be very clear on what you want to manifest in your life.

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Interpretation of of video

The East Quadrant

In the Map, in the Winds of the Spirit™ system, the Eastern quadrant represents different qualities of the mind, such as mental acuity or confusion, ability (or lack of ability) to envision the future and make plans, perception, and discernment. If your Awakening Compass dictates that you are in the East of your compass, it means the given situation you are doing a reading for involves (or should involve) your mind in some manner.

NJORD in the East


Arriving from the East, Njord offers a bounty of innovative energy. In order to expand trade throughout Europe, the Vikings built artistic, innovative wooden ships that resembled royal yachts. These marine vessels were great technological advancements during the dark ages; they were fast, shallow for avoiding icebergs, and could also be used as rowboats whenever the seas were calm, without wind.  Time for innovation of new ideas to venture forth into unexplored seas. Like a Viking ship, your ideas need to rise above the glacier, and reach beyond the status quo. Enlist new solutions in preparation for those times in the future when the wind will cease to blow.

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