It’s Vision Board time!

You supply the enthusiasm and magazines. Let’s have some fun.

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision,
and gives us the “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality.” –James Womack.




Making a Vision Board is a simple process. Remember, simple does not necessarily mean easy.


You will need magazines, scissors, glue stick, poster board, a notebook, and a few friends if you want to make this a group event. In a group setting everyone is able to share in the process of finding the perfect pictures which makes for great fun. Making a Vision Board can also be done on your own. Once all the materials have been gathered, you are ready to do some soul searching.


In the late 70’s, Shakti Gawain was a pioneer in the resurging field of new thought. In her book, Creative Visualization, she talks about using imagination to manifest what we want in our lives. Not until 20 years later – with the release of the movie, “The Secret” – did this notion of using our natural power and energy for the purpose of creation and manifestation become widely accepted.  Although this premise of creative manifestation had been known for centuries, the time was right to be reminded of the incredible potential residing within every human being. Shakti Gawain said, “Imagination is the ability to create an idea of a mental picture in your mind.” Today we hold the notion that feelings are a keystone to creative expression. We believe it is more important to be able to “feel” ourselves in the perfect relationship, reading out loud to one another, cooking together in the kitchen, or hugging and kissing each other. Conjuring up an image without feeling is not enough.


Doing a Vision Board requires that you be totally present  Turn off your phones and devices, TV,  and computer. Light a candle. Don’t be concerned with the outside world. Take this time out and make the most of it.  

Making a Vision Board is an essential part of the manifesting cycle.


Many years ago while in Chile, a Mapuchi Shaman told me that women no longer get together to craft. It used to be a sacred aspect of community living. Something happens when two or more souls join forces and share.

This is why I suggest that friends meet for manifestation circles, and creating a Vision Board is a great place to start.

Vision Boards require faith. Faith is a belief in something not yet manifested in the physical world. Over the years I’ve conducted hundreds of Vision Board Play Shops, and I’ve witnessed amazing results. My clients would call me a year later to tell me that practically everything they had envisioned on their board had come to fruition. Example: One woman wanted to visit her brother in Texas but couldn’t fit it in to her busy schedule. A month later she learned that his company was holding a seminar in Dallas where she resided. Coincidence or Synchronicity? Refer to your Vision Board once a week to see how you are progressing. Please let me know the results of your Vision Board a year from now


Renee Baribeau is a Hay House author of Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine. She is a wind whistler, soul coach, inspirational speaker, and workshop leader, known and respected for her down-to-earth approach. Her clientele includes: executives, philanthropists, movie producers, actors, and other high-profile individuals who come to her for soul scrubbing.

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