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Riding high atop a shimmering early morning wave off the coast of Cozumel Mexico, a lucid vision of the Desert Healing Arts crashed onto the shore. The ceremony of the previous day had cleared the sand of all debris, allowing the beach to heartily embrace this new idea. Prior to this glorious awakening, I had been tucked away in Colorado, with plenty of cash in hand, but unemployed. My career as an F&B Director had come to an abrupt halt following a public declaration that I would leave Corporate America once I became financially secure. Little did I know that on a foggy day in Ireland, the universe would conspire to help me; within weeks I was freed from my desk job. The last remnants of my former self had finally dissolved and I was ready to move on. Talk about perfect timing!

For eight months I was like a happy butterfly, as I flitted from one grand idea to another. My adventures included hugging trees so I could feel their Chi, meeting Gurus and Swamis, and scavenging through Denver, as I looked for a place to call home. One door after another closed, until I found myself standing in the silence of a forest, pleading with the trees to guide me in finding my true path.

Seeking relief from my endless searching, and the dreary monotony of a long, drawn out winter, I signed up for a course in the Mexican Tropics. As the wave hit the beach, I realized that I wanted to work with like-minded people and use my skills as a great organizer. At the time I didn’t realize that I was signing up for a ten-year stint to guide others, and bringing light to the desert community. As fate would have it, within days my business partner called to say, “The tenants are moving out of our home in the business district back in the Southern CA desert. Did I want the house back to build a center?” Within weeks I was magically transported back to Palm Desert and started building a healing center. As the center of the wheel was established, spokes grew out in all directions. Healing centers sprouted up like flowers after a torrential rain shower.  Over the years, my role changed and I became an online resource directory.

For years my home had been a focal point for prominent workshop leaders, yoga classes, and community activities. Then one day the phone rang. This time I was being called as a healer instead of a business leader. Reluctantly I followed the trail, despite a prescient dream, telling me that it was time to put down the paperwork and apply my healing energies where they were most needed. For several years I wore two hats as a healer, and as director of DHN. These days my days are totally occupied with writing, teaching, traveling and working with clients. Last year I was developed a new system, the “Awakening Compass,” as a navigational tool, which I now use to guide others as well as myself.

As I continue to shift and expand in my ever-growing awareness, I realize that the time has come for me to move on. I am handing over the responsibility of the Desert Healing Network to someone who can ride the wave to new shores.

Please join us on April 22 at 6 pm at the Crystal Fantasy. There will be music, dance, food and joyous celebration.

Let the magic of the dance continue…


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