Magic, Mountains, and Mystery

Machu Picchu – Sacred Valley – Cusco

September 26 – October 4, 2019

This is an Auspicious time to make a pilgrimage to sacred places in Peru.

Join Renee Baribeau

Join this group for a Heart-awakening adventure in Machu Picchu and in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Our base will be in the Sacred Valley amidst magical gardens, served with local style farm-to-table food and heart-warming hospitality

The special focus of this journey is on personal renewal. We will travel to Machu Picchu aboard the Vista Dome Train and visit Sacred Sites and Temples throughout the Sacred Valley, in a trip sponsored by Enlightenment Productions with your trip leader, Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman.

Does your personal journey follow a magical drum? Do you create a reality that inspires healing and transformation for yourself and the world?  Does the wind howl your name through the mountain pass, claiming you as a messenger of world service?  Does the hummingbird in flight still the small voice within you, as you quest for silence, truth, and inner knowing while living amidst chaos?  Does the raging river cleanse your spirit body as it twists and turns through an ancient sacred valley? Are you willing to ride upon the back of the mythical Choca Chinqe (Rainbow Jaguar) as you move freely between the worlds? Then you are a shaman of the word, member of our proud ayllu, or lineage.

Spend time with us in the Sacred Valley of Peru, a landscape alive with color, rich in history and filled with indigenous magic. Shatter the illusions of your life and reconnect with the natural environment, using shamanic healing technology and writing from non-ordinary reality while exploring the ancient sites and mysteries of this powerful land.

Ours is a unique opportunity and invitation for earth keepers, shamans, and energy workers, offering a combination of ancient herbal practices and sacred ceremonies, undertaken on behalf of Pachamama and all creation. It is a chance for like-minded souls to gather in resonance with each other.

During this journey, we intend to uproot our investment in symbols and beliefs that no longer serve our collective transformation. We will journal to tap into inner guidance and to facilitate awakening, as we open up to our potential, as Homo luminous.

Our world is in trauma and it is essential to heal ourselves individually to be of service to the collective. The shamans (Paqos) in the Southern Andes engage in rites of passage to develop their medicine bodies. During this journey, local shamans will initiate you into their traditions. In truth, the entire journey is an initiation into the energy of rebirth and the wisdom available from the human-earth bond.

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