The Practical Shaman Podcast is delighted to present the Awakened Dreamer, Lori Ann Lothian. Deep Magic Catalyst and Purveyor of Soul Truth, Lori will share three simple tools for increasing your magical power. From the first miracle of dramatically and instantly changing the weather at age nine, Lori Ann Lothian was smitten with the idea that magic could be an everyday part of ordinary reality. For years she investigated mystical and paranormal phenomenon, including stints as a remote viewer, professional clairvoyant, psychic treasure hunter and more.

Lori’s  2011 overnight spiritual awakening opened her up to what she calls The Deep Magic of Being, and she now teaches others how to harness this magic in their own lives in her online courses such as the 40 Day Magic Challenge, The Deep Giving Experiment, Money Magic Lab and coming this fall, Soul Unleashed.

You can find Lori on Facebook, her You Tube Channel or on her website the Awakened

Columnist at Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Be You Media and more.
Blog: The Awakened Dreamer

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