As the last guest left, and the front gate latch clicked Machu Picch--Often the Despacho gets made onto the belly of the earth.shut on December 21, my mind jumped ahead in time and asked, “What’s next?” Living in a society that relies on future events to maintain a forward momentum is exhausting.

In the late nineties, Y2K brought in the New Year at twice the cost, only to swallow the disappointment like aspirin for a headache as everything powered up on January 1st.  Collectively we moved towards the end of the world, as we held out the candle of doom for 2012. Now what?  Many have already jumped onto the “meteor hitting earth” bandwagon, and melting icecaps as an impetus to continue the fight.  Tonight marks 13 years since that awkward party in the art park where everything, from the band to the labor, cost twice as much. I still remember the angry client who woke up to with a hangover and had to cover the expenses with a large check.

Like many other new age revelers, I have left behind many things: alcohol, toxic relationships, GMO’s, and a corporate lifestyle. For years I have witnessed the demise of the American Dream. Gone are the days of the 50-year marriage, two cars, a home, and two kids. Also gone is the gas-guzzling extravaganza that went out with the Bush Administration, as fuel prices kept pace with the march towards 2013.

So, how will I celebrate this New Years?  First I will make a gratitude list. For the past 25 years I Hermithave felt like the Hermit” in the Ryder Waite Deck of Tarot, leading an invisible army with a single lantern. I’m exhausted. A great spiritual awakening has gained momentum the last few years, but many of those forerunners have retreated to the spa for much needed rejuvenation.  So today I celebrate a job well done with other early adopters.  Even the Jehovah Witnesses had their newsletter print-ready early in December; “Now that the world hasn’t ended, what’s next?” As the number of churchgoers decrease with each passing non-event such as Y2K and the end of the Mayan Calendar, I am curious to see how organized religions will adjust their tactics to keep their followers.

I also celebrate that we have now gathered enough light workers on the planet to hold each other accountable. The evolution of the Internet has made it difficult for deception to thrive, and transparency is at an all time high.

Today, as I clean my house, (a Scottish tradition, which I recently adopted from my business coach, Mari Smith) I will recite a joyful prayer ceremony called a Despacho (gratitude give back) and present it to Mother Earth. The Despacho is built upon a hand-woven cloth from the Andes. despacho_ceremonyElements of the earth, such as red and white wine, flowers, grains and sweets, have a symbolic representation for the community, and are placed in a specific order as symbolic representations of life. Once assembled, this offering is put into a fire for a rapid transformation of sacred energy.

 I pledge to continue writing my new book, “When the Wind Blows” I believe we will be around in 2014 with even more people ready to shine their light. In the meantime I rest well, knowing I have fulfilled the first part of my destiny as a heavenly star.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Years. For me this means health, wellness, and continuing to shine my love light on every soul I encounter. Please enjoy this end of the year meditation that I recorded. Clearing Blocks and Opening Pathways using the Wind.

Renee Baribeau, the “Practical Shaman, ” is an accomplished mentor, respected business coach, dynamic spiritual teacher, speaker, and published author. Renee is well known for her no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” approach in helping others to achieve successful business practices. Her clients include entrepreneurs, CEO’s, movie producers, and celebrities.

Former Director of Desert Holistic Network/Holistic Helping Hands; a growing health and wellness chamber of commerce and virtual marketing portal based in Southern California, Renee is now working a mentor teaching online workshops to business owners.

Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, Renee has owned successful restaurants, catering companies, and spent ten years as a corporate executive. As a social media guru Renee teaches her business-coaching clients how to transform their dreams into a living reality.

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