The Practical Shaman Podcast is proud to present Nathin Agin, Narrator, who lends his voice to the Wind.

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There is a Proverb of unknown origin, that is attributed to Native Americans. Perhaps this is language of the Wind?

“Listen to the wind, it talks.

Listen to the silence, it speaks.

Listen to your heart, it knows.”

My direct guidance, backed up by years of research, has shown that spiritual guidance has existed on the wind for all forms of life since the dawn of creation. Our wisdom is “floating concepts” that move and shift with the breeze across space and time. Most humans lost their enchantment with nature about the same that time we moved away from Nature, thereby neglecting the elements that had informed us for eons.

As hunter-gatherers, a slight change in the wind direction pointed them to the next meal, and encouraged them to head up the mountain to escape the heat, or visa versa. While it is no longer prudent to run naked in the desert clad with only a loin cloth, aligning yourself to nature can, and will help you become more aware of your surroundings in order to make informed decisions as you move forward in life. Practical Wind Magic is your birthright.

In 2019, my book, Winds of Spirit, were released from the caves of time, where they had garnered little attention for thousands of years, with the exception of the indigenous peoples worldwide. Writing my book was an act of love and dedication. Since that time, there has been a loyal group of Wind Believers who have worked with these spiritual energies to develop and practice their alchemical magical powers. While my book has done well, and received a Nautilus Gold Award in Religion, it is time to reach out and share this magic with more people throughout the world.

Winds of Spirit on Audible

Winds of Spirit is now available on Audible. Here is what others are saying.

“What a great Audio Book. I’m a Shamanic Practitioner and I learned so much about the Spirit of the Winds. Loved the deep dive into Wind Spirits and the practical use in my daily life. It’s a must read/listen.” Bryan Mandrell

“I was captivated from the start by this deeply personal and yet monumental depiction of the forces that move and shake our existence and has inspired and captivated the human imagination for millennia. What can I say? I recommend this book to anybody who is spiritually inclined. Go and read it and be moved by the winds of change. Chapeau!”
Charlotte Wolf, Ph.D.


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