Finding Your Authentic Business Brand

Audio Class

How to Work with a Graphic Designer pdf


Audio Class # 1

Jacob Nordby • Authentic Engagement Using Social Media.

Candess Campbell • Activate Your Life, Activate Your Business.


Audio Class # 2

Dan Hanneman • The 15-minute Free Consultation: Time Waster or Relationship Builder

Dr. Robert Pease • Reaching out to your Authentic Community by the Radio Waves


Audio Class # 3

Stacy Lee Goforth • What if I Miss My Calling?

Judy Cali • Spirit Just Called; I Am Moving to Arkansas


 Audio Class # 3

Carol Woodliff • Evolving your business without leaving your clients behind

Audrey Reed • Money is Positive Energy flowing through all your Relations


Audio Class # 4

Asia Voight • Keeping Clients Happy Year After Year

Mary Garvey-Horst • Mirror Magnificence While Building Authentic Relationships


Audio Class # 5

Gretchen Lawlor • Navigating your Business Relationships by the Stars

Kelle Sutliff Psychic Medium • Using an Intuitive to Guide your Business Relationships


Audio Class # 6

Stephanie Gunning • How to Talk to Anyone About Anything

Lisa Labon • Mompreneurs, Mom with a Message


Audio Class # 7

Stevi Belle • Online Shopping: The New Neighborhood Store

Kate Smith, ND • Building an Authentic Client Base



Audio Class # 8

Lori Ann Lothian • Keeping our Business Relationships Sacred

Susan Reiner • Navigating Difficult Conversations with Authentic Communication


Audio Class # 9

Edie Weinstein • Marketing your way to your Blissful Life

Gina Alzate • The Truth About Discerning Authenticity in Relationship Building


Audio Class # 10

Gordon Richiusa • Five Principles of Everything — including Authentic Relationships

Reverend Sharron Stroud • The Sacred Hoop of Ministry


Hungry for more?  Finding your Authentic Business Brand

A five-week online course  begins 10/9

Course will be led by Networking & Social Media Guru Renee Baribeau along with guest Suzanne Fageol and Arlette Capel

Following this program we will be launching a four-week workshop led by Networking Guru Renee Baribeau that will give you the guidance and tools you need to power your successful business by finding your unique brand.

Who will benefit from this Program:

This workshop is ideal for any business owner focused on business-to-business OR business-to-consumer who believes their product or service will make the world a better place.

WHAT: This fully online workshop will help you Reveal Your Brand Identity. In addition, you will learn the basics of Social Media marketing with how-to sessions from an actual Social Media expert and Networking Guru. Also, you will work with an Archetype expert and Graphic Design expert to gain Brand Identity. Presentation topics include: developing a marketing strategy, growing your platform, designing your message, and much more! A certificate of achievement will be presented to attendees who successfully complete the program.

WHERE: At your home or office! (no long-distance bill or travel expenses!)

WHEN: Starting October 9, 2012 (spread over five weeks to accommodate your schedule; scroll down for the full schedule). Plus, you’ll get recordings and notes from all sessions.

WHY: You’ll be able to quickly implement your brand, attract great customers and prospects, and gain a unique competitive advantage. You’ll also discover how to best measure the effectiveness of your Social Media activities and the newest marketing tactics.

Workshop Highlights

  • Discover your Business Archetype as it relates to your BRAND IDENTITY

  • Implement a new Marketing Strategy

  • Clear Limiting Beliefs and Blocks

  • Uncover how to use Social Media to sell your product or service

  • Network with your peers

  •  New Loyal Clients

  • Increase your exposure, grow a following, improve customer satisfaction, build strong brand advocates and achieve sales growth.

  • Become part of a genuine community of business owners just like you

  • And more

Building better relationships with your existing clientele is more cost effective than continually seeking new prospects.

From a business perspective, relationships cost money. Industry studies show that acquiring a new client is usually between four and six times more expensive than maintaining an existing client.

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Meditation to help you navigate the day, no matter what winds are blowing.

 © Copyright Renee Baribeau

All Rights Reserved

Invite the Winds into Your Life. Connect on Social:


Meditation to help you navigate the day, no matter what winds are blowing.

 © Copyright Renee Baribeau

All Rights Reserved

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