How to Whistle Up a Personal Healing Wind

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“I am totally happy that I am writing every day. I wanted to start a writing practice and when Renee suggested this writing wind clan I was all for it, and I am all over it 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity! I enjoy it”  Kamila 

“This morning I sat in the garden to journal and felt a deep connection with nature and thankfulness; gardens are a rich environment for feeling the gifts of giving and receiving.” Linda

“The invitation to write each morning has been a great reminder of all the things that can distract…and all the reasons to say No to a process when the heart says YES.  The good news is that my Yes has prevailed and I am using this not unlike morning pages…to blow out the pipes and set the day for myself.”  Ellen

“I wrote this morning! It’s become a loving habit. Thank you for the challenge.” Melissa

“I have a very important step in my healing unfolding and my journaling is really giving me clarity on it.” Sandy

” As the layers of ‘stuff’ have been coming up the past few days I have been very quiet and still to allow for all of it to percolate and the finally come to the surface to have the breezes through the trees take them away.” Sharon

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