A celebration on December 21, 2012. We merged with the energies of the Divine Feminine. We assembled spiritual leaders from many traditions offered a four-minute celebration prayer. This online event was anchored by a live fire/drumming ceremony in Palm Desert, CA. Meet Our Community and prayer presenters in this 4 minute video from the fire ceremony. In addition, enjoy the landscapes from Renee's travel in 2012. To receive the free one-hour audio prayer ceremony. 


My heart broke wide open. As I scanned the circle of 30 plus divine soul sitting by the fire, I experienced the community I sought. The work over the last eight years had been realized and was divinely celebrated. Together they held space for the debut of a world-wide prayer celebration I had envisioned two weeks prior. The sweetness of the smoke that circled the group was harmonized by rhythmic drumming and beautiful songs. I was moved to tears. As a group we held space for the prayers coming from around the world via a webcast. The successful event had over 1400 people registered. Almost 100 people stopped by to watch the fire via live stream (gotta love modern technology despite, a few technical challenges. This was a great learning experience for sure). You, are an important person in my life and I want to personally offer you the prayers. Please give yourself an hour, to quiet your mind, and listen. 56 minutes.

Cindy Lyndsay-Rael offered an important 14-minute channeled blessing from the Divine Mother.  Once you sign up you will be sent both links.

 A special THANK YOU

to the following people: Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire, Lisa Weit, Rev Audrey Reed, Rev Sharon Stroud, Mari Mendoza, Stuart Green, Anka Jovanovic, Debra Savitt, Gala Mitchell, Mary Garvey-Horst, Teresa Newell, Cindy Mueller, Linda DelBianco, Kristin Olson, Stephanie Gunning, Robert Pease, Maria Teresa Valenzuela, Catherine Maquire, Elizabeth Jenkins, Luzia Krull, Asia Voight, Elian Gilad, M Kalani Souza, Antonio Vasquez, everyone at the fire, and a special thanks to Sashi, my wonder cat who mulched so much energy she is still in bed. Many blessings to you and yours for a beautiful holiday, and amazing New Years full of light.

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