A celebration on December 21, 2012.  We will revisit these prayers that were made at the 2020 Fire Tenders Gathering. Join us here.

We merged with the energies of the Divine Feminine. We assembled spiritual leaders from many traditions offered a four-minute celebration prayer. This online event was anchored by a live-fire/drumming ceremony in Palm Desert, CA. Meet Our Community and prayer presenters in this 4-minute video from the fire ceremony. In addition, enjoy the landscapes of Renee’s travel in 2012.


My heart broke wide open. As I scanned the circle of 30 plus divine soul sitting by the fire, I experienced the community I sought. The work over the last eight years had been realized and was divinely celebrated. Together they held space for the debut of a world-wide prayer celebration I had envisioned two weeks prior. The sweetness of the smoke that circled the group was harmonized by rhythmic drumming and beautiful songs. I was moved to tears. As a group we held space for the prayers coming from around the world via a webcast. The successful event had over 1400 people registered. Almost 100 people stopped by to watch the fire via live stream (gotta love modern technology despite, a few technical challenges. This was a great learning experience for sure). You, are an important person in my life and I want to personally offer you the prayers. Please give yourself an hour, to quiet your mind, and listen. 56 minutes.


 A special THANK YOU

to the following people: Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire, Lisa Weit, Rev Audrey Reed, Rev Sharon Stroud, Mari Mendoza, Stuart Green, Anka Jovanovic, Debra Savitt, Gala Mitchell, Mary Garvey-Horst, Teresa Newell, Cindy Mueller, Linda DelBianco, Kristin Olson, Stephanie Gunning, Robert Pease, Maria Teresa Valenzuela, Catherine Maquire, Elizabeth Jenkins, Luzia Krull, Asia Voight, Elian Gilad, M Kalani Souza, Antonio Vasquez, everyone at the fire, and a special thanks to Sashi, my wonder cat who mulched so much energy she is still in bed. Many blessings to you and yours for a beautiful holiday, and amazing New Years full of light.

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