The human experience of time is a subjective matter. Ask four people to describe the same event and you‘ll invariably receive a different rendition from each storyteller.  It's a matter of perspective. My current work with my Awakening Compass® and WindWork® has caused my perspective to shift significantly. 

Our experiences are based on our unique Dynamic of Creativity.  I have a childhood memory of jumping up and down on my bed while Cher sang,  “You better sit down kids.” Her voice drowned out by the sounds of my mother and father screaming at each other. This is my version of how my parents came to telling us about their divorce. My sister might say that she became aware of it while sitting in the back of my fathers Chevy Impala. The differences occur because the dynamics we use to construct our experience vary. I create memories from chaos; pulling a song from the radio to secure the experience worked for me, while someone who is process oriented will tack one experience onto another to create an orderly, memorable sequence.

As I write these words, I’m listening to Cher’s song again. Although it has lost it’s original meaning, the song did mark a significant event in my life. A few years ago I search the multiple listing services with the hope of finding my childhood home so that I could restore it to life on a canvas.  I used paint to heal the little girl (me), pulling strands from that time period as I wove my memoir. This is how I create; I pull in information from the abyss to create my story. 

Everyone has his or her own unique way of remembering, forgetting and forgiving the past.  Each dynamic is based on the rhythms of nature. One time I planted tulips in the fall knowing I would feel different when they bloomed the following spring. Some people move through life methodically with purpose, their memory of a significant event might be triggered by a specific activity they engage in. Another family member might be spurred to action by conflict and opposition, constantly looking for a battle to propel them forward.  To another the memory is deeply buried and long forgotten.

Each year, as the summer winds down toward autumn, I take time to review the events of the past year. As my birthday approaches I am reminded that another yearly cycle is coming to an end. While not as dramatic as the colorful dance of the North East, the desert exhibits subtle symptoms of fall as mornings become cooler and nights grow longer.  These quiet changes remind me that it is time to harvest the crops I planted earlier in the year.

My “Awakening Compass”® is an innovative navigational tool that I created to provide myself and others with guidance, focus and clarity of direction in life, no matter which way the wind may blow in the winter ahead.

I invite you to feel the power of the Awakening Compass in my, “Free Introduction to the Awakening Compass® and WindWork® Class.” We’ll take an inventory of your current beliefs by identifying the prevailing winds in your life. You’ll learn how to clear away old memories and strengthen new visions. These tools will shed light on your projects, your relationships and point the way to personal success.

There are 3 opportunities to experience this Introduction, at the Bhakti Fest on September 4, and 5th and during a FREE webinar on September 15th at 11am.  Register here.

For those who want to take this work deeper, I am offering a five-week “Finish the Year Strong Program” that begins on October 14th

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