shotgun_paradeMany cultures are familiar with this concept. In the United States there is a growing chasm in the traditional support system of the extended family regarding child rearing. Current economic trends demand that both must parents work to meet the high cost of food, shelter, health care and their children’s education. Many grandparents continue to work into their 70”s, which leaves children in the village lacking for essential support. Yesterday the Community of Addiction Professionals and Friends of SafeHouse heard the call. Two hundred people responded and rallied to raise money for a much-needed SafeHouse App for Children, at the Second Annual Heroes in Recovery Break the Stigma Golf and Archery Tournament. Over 100 golfers took a swing to “Break the Stigma” at the beautiful Escena Golf Club. Another 100 archers and professionals joined them later at a delicious networking awards Luncheon.

While our predecessors relied on extended family for support, the next generation of children will depend on smart phones and touch screens for connection and security.Click To Tweet The money raised at the Charity Event will pay for the initial development of App that will allow anonymous “text-to-counselor” communication. During SafeHouse scheduled visits to the school, children will be able to download the free app, giving them access to support 24/7. This App has a proven track record and has saved lives in other parts of the country.

Michael’s House and SafeHouse of The Desert would like to express their gratitude and sincere appreciation to everyone who made this event a success.

SoCAlOur generous sponsors include:

So Cal Recovery Center, Sky Toxicology, Addiction Therapeutic Services, The Ohio House, Hazelden Betty Ford, Medico, Sky Toxicology, Foundation’s San Diego, Palm Desert Recovery Center, Desert Palms, 449 Recovery, Ken Seeley Recovery Communities, Urban Yoga, Twenty 29 Palms Band of Mission Indians, Sobobo Casino, Balboa Horizon, Sovereign Health, Truly Nolan, Northbound Treatment, Bellamonte Recovery, Changing Tides Treatment Center, Hollywood Beach Recovery, Orange County Recovery, Kashi Labs, Robin Hood Archery, Five Birds Industries, ABC Designs, Coachella Valley Weekly, and Desert Health.

A Special Thank you to all the Golfers, Archers Escena Staff, Volunteers,  and Lunch Attendees.


Remember; you are the Village!

Heroes in Recovery is a movement ignited by Foundations Recovery Network and the widespread community of those who are in recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. We discovered that while 23 million people each year need help for addiction, only three million actually seek treatment. We’re looking to reach the other 20 million– those who may not be seeking help due to the overwhelming stigma that often surrounds substance abuse and mental health disorders. We raise awareness, by promoting charity driven events.

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