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The cycles; 2012 in the Inka Tradition

by Jorge Luis Delgado

In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. Jorge Luis is clearly an embodied way-shower for this new Earth that we are creating. He teaches that a new consciousness is emerging, one leading to a Golden Age that will be fully activated by 2012. He is a keeper of the ancient knowledge and uses it to assist in healing for all who are ready.

Jorge Luis Delgado is expert at walking this path between both worlds. He received his early training from the Kallawaya shamans of the NE Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the Wise Ones of the Andes, and from the Qero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendants of the Incas.


Earth Keepers of Tomorrow

by Elizabeth Jenkins

According to the Inka, we inhabit a living universe called Kausay Pacha, “world of living energy,” a world in which everyone and indeed everything is alive and has consciousness. In this overabundant universe, Pachamama—Mother Earth—is a generous, fecund, and loving mother. We are only able to grow and develop our “Inka seed,” the potential in every person, with the help of this loving mother. Elizabeth will speak to the heart of the children and the important role they play in the evolution of the prophecy.

Elizabeth B. Jenkins, MA, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist and internationally bestselling author of two books on the INKA Tradition: THE RETURN OF THE INKA: A Journey of Initiation and INKA Prophecies for 2012 (Pu`umaka`a Press, re-release 2009) and JOURNEY TO Q’EROS: Golden Cradle of the Inka (Pu`umaka`a Press, 2009).

Throughout the ages, enlightened beings have journeyed to the mountains to talk to God. The spirit of the mountains holds all the ageless wisdom.  You become a link in the chain of knowledge when you tap into the wisdom of the mountains.
The mountains, or apus, are the carriers of the ancient knowledge and you must learn to anchor yourself to the top of the mountains.  The spirit of the mountains beckon you to step into your life.
A journey up the mountain is a rite of passage or a spiritual quest.  It is a quest of knowledge, wisdom, and joy.  Come, listen, and explore how you can anchor yourself to the spirit of the mountains.
Linda Fitch is a practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru. She conducts classes, expeditions, and private sessions.

Heart-Based Learning for a Head-Strong World

by Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin

“The unexamined life is not worth living!” declared Socrates when on trial for encouraging his students to challenge the accepted beliefs of the times.  Bonnie will speak to the notion of how shamanic masters are introducing travellers to the challenge of deep inner-exploration.

Bonnie Glass-Coffin, PhD, is a Professor of both Anthropology and Religious Studies at Utah State University. She has studied Peruvian shamanism since the 1980’s and is the author of two books and dozens of academic articles. Her book, “The Gift of Life: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru” (University of New Mexico, 1998) was the first to address the important role of women as healers on the north coast of Peru.

Sacred Sites in Peru

by Jamee Chaska Nawi Curtice

Jamee Curtice will be sharing an insider’s look at the Sacred Sites of Peru, and some out of the way locations.  She will be discussing shamanic aspects of Pisaq, Moray, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Aramu Muru portal near Lake Titicaca, and lesser known sites such as Pachar, and Killarumiyok.  She brings groups to the waterfall near Huaran, and the canyon near Chicon.  Jamee is one of the few gringas who invite people to join the totally local Pervian festival of Q’ollyurritti, the star snow ceremony, happening June 3 -5 this year. She will discuss aspects of traveling to Ausungate, and why this Apu is called to by the Qero.  She will also suggest a few important preparations for your journeys to Peru.

The Despacho Ceremony is one of the core practices of the healers of the Andes. It is a tradition and ceremony that goes back thousands of years. Using prayers and ingredients to honor the elements and spirits, a prayer bundle is created, and then released in a process of healing. The despacho is used to heal ourselves, our community, and our clients.

Stevi Belle is internationally known as a teacher in the areas of Energy work and Glass. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois.

Insiders Guide to Peru

by Rosario Sarria and Maria Teresa Valenzuela

Rosario Sarria is a Traditional Temascalera (traditional sweatlodge guide) that was born in Lima Peru. Presently, she lives in Mexico with her Mexicana husband and 3 children. In Lima, Peru, she started her spiritual path under the guidance of two ayahuasqueros, Alonso Del Rio and Diego Palma, with the medicine plant ayahuasca. She further unfolded her spiritual path as a devotee, in the lineages of Sri Krishna and Sathya Sai Baba.

Maria Teresa Valenzuela is an indigenous spiritual teacher and healer from an enduring lineage of shamanic healers and curanderos in the Sierra Madre of Chihuahua, Mexico. Maria Teresa conducts spiritual workshops, retreats, and individual healing work using indigenous healing methods and visionary medicine plants.

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