What can you pull from the flames of creation? This week’s Winds of Spirit Wisdom comes from Ilmarinen, a supreme Finnish Wind Deity of divine origin who created the sky and conjures up magic from the flames of his smithy.  Ilmarinen rushes in from the South, which pertains to the Emotions.

When Ilmarinen “sets the four winds blowing” in your life, the magic of alchemy is at play; yet be wary, for the gold may be otherworldly and different than what you expect.

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It is time to take an inventory of your emotions.  Set them to paper and ask yourself:  When in the past month have I reacted from anger, disappointment, hurt, or lack?  Be careful when taking your own inventory because when you are angry at another person, it could be that you fostered unhealthy alliances, or have been care-taking the other’s feelings.  Your selfish and perhaps unreasonable expectations has led to your resentment, and now the housekeeping is your sole responsibility.  Trying to make someone fit your vision is a form of control and an attempt at “playing God.”   Ask the Ilmarinen for help.

Pay close attention to your self-talk.  Keep a pad by your bed at night. The memo on your smart phone is also a great place to collect your limiting mind chatter and ideas. When you feel your list is complete, give it to the fire to transmute and transform. You can do this with a candle or build a fire (outside is best).  Whoosh!

Ilmarinen (ilm-arin-en)

Magic is the key ingredient of the Kalevala (cal-e-vala), an epic tale of the Finnish people who lived along the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the North Western corner of Russia. Finno-Ugric mythology has endured the test of time; music and poetry live on as everlasting reminders of the magic that transpires when humans live in harmony with nature.

At the core of the 22,795 mystical verses in the Kalevala are two brothers who are creator Gods. Väinämöinen is the wise shaman, and Ilmarinen is the innocent-wizard craftsman. Ilmarinen is a supreme Deity of divine origin who created the sky, and the son of the celestial Ilmar who was impregnated by the wind at the dawn of creation.[1]

In one tale, Väinämöinen encourages Ilmarinen to conjure a sacred Sampo, wooing him with the promise of marriage to the beautiful and mysterious Rainbow Goddess. Despite his skepticism, Ilmarinen journeys North from The Land of Heroes to the harsh-barren lands of the Lapp witches. Possessed by a fairy maiden’s charm, the alchemist constructs a smithy on a colored rock, igniting a raging inferno from which he extracts a plethora of objects, including weapons of war that he immediately destroys.  After four failed attempts, Ilmarinen calls upon the four winds for assistance. The Sampo appears in the flames as a mill with a multi-colored top, capable of grinding out grain, salt, and gold.

When Ilmarinen “sets the four winds blowing” in your life, the magic of alchemy is at play, yet be wary, for the gold may be otherworldly and different than what you expect.


Don’t be fooled when the billowing warm air of Ilma wafts through your open window. Even though Ilmarinen may blow in from the south as a compliant and passive wind, he is a persistent force of nature. Keep in mind that after he wooed and wed the fairy maiden, he carried her home to The Hero’s Land, to create a family. It is time to let go and create a sense of belonging in your life.

Stand upon your epic story and shed the drama of your past, so that you may heal. Let the warm winds of Ilmarinen show you how to shift your consciousness from that of victim to hero.


Is it time to heal your emotional wounds. Begin by Discovering Your Blocks and Removing Resistances.  Try out this complimentary exercise.

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[1] The Project Gutenberg EBook of Kalevala: the Epic Poem of Finland — Complete, by Elias Loennrot. Produced by John B. Hare and Carrie R. Lorenz from the preface. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/5186/5186.txt

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