Ilmarinen (Finnish): Inventor Wind God comes this week from the East, the place of beginnings and new Ideas.

What can you extract from the flames of creation in your life? As you fan the fire to keep warm, Ilmarinen rushes in as a Nor’Eastern Wind. As the snow melts there is an opportunity for beginnings and new ideas.This week’s Winds of Spirit Wisdom comes from Ilmarinen, a supreme Finnish Wind Deity of divine origin, who created the sky and conjures up magic from the flames of his smithy.

At the core of the 22,795 mystical verses in the Finnish Kalevala, are two creator gods who happen to be brothers. Väinämöinen is the wise shaman, and Ilmarinen is the innocent-wizard craftsman. Magic is possible if you are willing to pay attention.

A windy Shaman’s Tale. I woke up late today to snow in NYC brought in by a Nor Easter. Yesterday was an especially long day of travel from CA, especially with the time change. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I received a second wind, and went to Kinky Books on Broadway. I love going to TIX last minute; my seat was in the 11th row, seat number 111. This is one of my favorite musicals of all time.

Yesterday was magical. For months I saw snow during an auspicious trip to a family/friends book launch party, and live ceremonies. Even as I wrote the blog I noticed the time 11:11. New beginnings are Here.

At the Dallas airport, the food take-out gives customers celebrity names shout out for each pick up. Mine was Mary Poppins.The popular English nanny, Mary Poppins, arrived on Cherry Tree Lane on an east wind. She was flung through the gate and landed with a thump at the front door. Her arrival shook the house, and joy was restored to the sorrowful family.

In literature, scripture, and mythology dating back to the tablets of Mesopotamia, the east wind always brings change. A destructive force of nature often leaves in its wake an opportunity for new ideas and growth. All is perfectly magical for my East Coach Book Launch of Winds of Spirit.

This is the magic that Ilmarinen enlivens, when he “sets the winds blowing” in your life and community. Know that this week, the magic of alchemy is at play; yet be wary, for the gold may be otherworldly and different from what you expect. It is now time to put this energy to good use.

It is time to cast your outworn ideas into the fire, to be transformed into a magical Sampo. The Sampo appears to Ilmarinen in the flames as a mill with a multi-colored top, capable of grinding out grain, salt, and gold. With these in your possession, community will prosper. Well-being is always found in the simple riches of the earth; food, salt, and gold. “According to the old poems, Sampo was made from the feather of a swan, a kernel of barley, a ball of wool, a drop of milk and a shaft of a distaff.”  Our Magical Sampos were woven as pink caps to symbolize that all life begins in the womb.


Until the Kalevala was restored as their national tale, the Finnish people had long forgotten their origins. When Ilmarinen fans your fire, it is time to extract the truth from the brightly lit flame of the smithy residing within you. It is not enough to craft your identity from illusions, social media, or television. Immerse yourself in the deep waters of your divine inner wisdom. Great inventions are like cloths woven from the fine threads of innovative thoughts and ideas.

Have you forgotten the words to your favorite childhood song? Hum until the words rise up from the depths of your history. Become a fascinated seeker; search for words while you sleep, and explore the wonderful worlds of magic within your dreams.

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What can you pull from the flames of creation? This week’s Winds of Spirit Wisdom comes from Ilmarinen, a supreme Finnish Wind Deity of divine origin who created the sky and conjures up magic from the flames of his smithy.  Ilmarinen rushes in with a Nor'Eastern Wind, which pertains to beginnings and new ideas.

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