Magic is in the air this week when the winds fueled by the Finnish deity Ilmarinen arrives from the Cold North. Ilmarinen, “ruler of the winds and thence the god of travelers”, will provide you with the creative burst of energy you need to bolster your community and fill your spiritual coffers with warmth.  Experience this mystical ride by taking a trip on the back of this nippy north wind.

Part One, The Story

Part Two, the Journey




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Planting Seeds, North Wind Meditation.


Spirit and the Community are the required buy-ins that make it possible  for lofty ideas to manifest and blow throughout the land.  Without agreement and cooperation, your hard work is a top that temporarily spins in a circle, flounders, and topples.  For ten years I tried to establish a healing center in my town. Because it never grew the roots needed for long term survival, it had limited success. The missing ingredient for enduring success was the power and magic of community consensus.

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Our ancestors survived the North Wind’s ice and storms by staying huddled by the central fire, singing songs, and telling stories. People learned to get along, despite their creative differences.  The community gratitude challenge offers global support. Each person’s individual thankfulness prayer for the wood that keeps the light bright, and the fire burning hot.

Ilmarinen’s arrival provides insight into to the magical power of community and spiritual support. By sharing words of gratitude, we create resilience that uplifts many.

Alchemy is the key ingredient of the Kalevala (cal-e-vala), an epic tale of the Finnish people who lived along the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the North Western corner of Russia. Finno-Ugric mythology has endured the test of time; music and poetry live on as everlasting reminders of the magic that transpires when humans live in harmony with nature.

When Ilmarinen “sets the four winds blowing” in your life, alchemy is at play, yet be wary of the cold waters. Nonetheless, now is the time to take the plunge.


The cold Northerly Winds lured Ilmarinen to the dismal swamps of Lapland. In order to fulfill his dream, he left the comfort of his home to face death-defying challenges (often these are symbolic), which included two journeys into the underworld. Ask your inner shaman to help you discover your origins and reclaim your soul as well the soul of your community. As the protector of travel, Ilmarinen will guide and protect you as you venture there and back.

Only by cooperating with the forces of nature will you be able to reclaim your personal power and magic. The Sampo was composed of the tip of a swan’s feather, the milk of a farrow cow, the fleece of a summer ewe, and a tiny ear of barley, which are all symbols of time. Tap in to the power of your personal medicine, adorn your altar with sacred objects, and restore your belief in the divine mystery.


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