If it seems to good to be true…..

Then It Must Be the Wind Spirits in Action.

Before I tell you more, I would like to welcome you to the Wind Clan. I met many of you at the recent Shamans Dreamkeepers Summit that I co-hosted with my good friend Linda L Fitch. For me, this summit was a breath of fresh wind where wisdom streamed like a spring rain, with each presenter quenching my deeper thirst for connection and commitment to community.

If you do not know me, I am Renee Baribeau, wind whistler, founder of the Wind Clan, and author of the Nautilus Gold Award winning book, Winds of Spirit.

This morning I ran across an article about the myth of quick and easy success. It said that as a culture, we are always quick to believe the latest hype and scheme. The notion of a quick seamless rise to enlightenment and fame has been a pet peeve of mine for over a decade. I used to think I was envious, as my climb up the  the mountain was one arduous step at a time, with many slips and falls along the rocky slope.

Over the years I would watch people climb, and then fall backwards when their flimsy scaffolding of smoke and mirrors failed to produce the promised results. Meanwhile I stayed close to the trail of my own awakening, and spent 6 long years of early mornings and weekends researching, and then writing my Hay House book, Winds of Spirit.

During this long process I found the Wind.

The wind is an invisible force of nature greater than yourself, that can restore balance to your life. Once I discovered this power, and with the wind in my sails, my dreams started to come true. I had been seeking to understand spirit since a very young age, and once I discovered the wind, I knew I was protected and the wind had my back. Now I have mastered a few techniques, which I am sharing with fellow Wind Believers all over the world.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, although many of our clan members have doubled their incomes by making a few simple changes in their life. The secret of these ancient wind alchemy teachings, is that with faith and practice we can easily

Learn to Convert Energy into Form.

Spring Wind Work Basics is a course that will help you move from the familiar into the extraordinary. I have carefully and lovingly crafted the Wind Work Basics program for those who are committed to their healing growth process. This is a journey that demands you show up for it, and fully bring your conscious presence and disciplined awareness to that which you wish to transform. This online course will help you Navigate Life no matter what wind is blowing

The Spring Wind Work Basics class includes:

  • 4 hours of Wind Work Training: begins Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 3:30pm (PDT)
  • 4 worksheets on the week’s topic to help you take your inner work even deeper.
  • 4 Shamanic Journies to assist your process.
  • Small group access to Renee.
  • Weekly Live Deepening Session with Kerry Wanamaker each Thursday following the class.
  • Unlimited Access to our private Facebook community.
  • Full Community YOUniversity Membership for 3 months providing you with access to our library of courses.

I am Ready


Here are just a few powerful testimonials regarding Renee’s courses:

“Thank you for being a great mentor. You helped me to not be ashamed of who I am and what I want to share with people. I can never thank you enough.” Marcia
“I don’t know how to say how truly happy I am to be with all of you, and walk with you as the Wind Walker Clan. It’s after 3 am here in Glastonbury, U.K., and my eyes are full of tears of gratitude. This work is no joke – it’s astonishing to realize that very real changes are happening – all gifts from the Winds – and They have blown us all together, as support, love & magic!” Raven K
“Me too! So happy to have found everyone here. I always look forward to checking out our group page to see how everyone is and what the winds are doing in each of our lives… Love every minute spent here with you and the clan!” Marcia H
“Strong connection, love it too so much. I can’t believe what happened in my life the last couple months. Hail to the winds, hail to our clan”

If you’re ready to expand your intuition, and access your deepest desires, I encourage you to sign up here today. We need shamanist workers more than ever.


Join us for the Spring 2021 Class!



This will be an incredible opportunity to learn the basic building blocks of the Wind Work and do some inner work along the way!


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