Becoming "Inner Strong"
Begins 12/21

Being a Fire Tender brings such a profound sense of light, hope, focus and calm. I’m so grateful to be in such a sweet, expansive, inspiring space with our community. This time of year has come to mean so much more.
For All my relations…. quite tumultuous energies, very heavy on Xmas Day. Appreciative of quiet time, of releasing, and no pressure. Getting through the candles!😀🦌🌄🎄😘. Altar symbolizes future vision.
I joined a second time to this happening. For the first time I felt the light spread not only inside of me, but also around the whole world. That was at 26th of December. It feels so amazing and joyful.

Erika S

11th Annual Fire Tenders Gathering 12/21-12/30

This year’s Fire Tenders event will be a paid group experience. The Winter Solstice Community Ceremony is Free. Get a reminder about the Opening Ceremony Here

“Creating an altar for Winter Solstice is like opening a door into the darkness and discovering the light. It reveals a connection to Life, Light, and Love, and All of You! Aho”

“Each year Tending the fire has been an experience of Deep Connection with the Sacred. The Collective Love Flowing has a Powerful sense of Peace, Pregnant with Overflowing Divine Love in every possible form. We truly become One. Love and Gratitude Fill my heart with a deep peace.”

“This is a very gentle & powerful way of connecting, even virtually. The altar I keep burning is inside, but I take the energy it shares outside when I go into my garden or in nature.”

Fire Tenders

Duration: 10 days. Fire Tenders Instructions 12/20 at 11am(PST)
Opening Ceremony 12/21 at 4:00 pm (PST)
Where: In the comfort of your own home & Wind Clan Group on FB
Focus: Sacred Rest; Tending to Your Inner Fire

Thank you for your interest in creating an altar for the IAM Winter Solstice Fire Tenders Gathering. This year’s focus is “Inwardly Strong”.

Throughout the ages, shamans were called to hold the container, with a clear vision for the health of their communities. Even with all our magic and shamanic tools, this service has become a challenge, and yet the call from the Wind Spirits grows louder and more fierce. This year I have been called to offer Sanctuary to our Community, and offer a  Winter Solstice Ceremony, then lead a group to quietly tend to our Inner Flame. It is time to become “inwardly strong” as one of our Windies, Michelle Latinski so aptly called her personal result after two years in the WindWork ® apprenticeship program.

This year we will deepen the experience as we apprentice to the wind spirits to usher back the light. We will be holding a 10-day personal altar vigil. Instead of lots of activity and live presentations, we will walk quietly with our prayer in Nature. Renee will send a daily short video prompt, and there will be a private group for sharing your inner experience.

The IAM Symposium Fire Tenders Gather is a Community Vigil that began at Desert Healing Arts Center in Palm Desert, CA. On 12/12/2012. Back then the technology to go live was wonky, yet 45 people gathered around the fire to Boldy broadcast prerecorded prayers from 30 wisdom keeping Elders to the world. See the picture and watch the video below.

I want to Stoke my Inner Flame

This year we will offer a Sacred Virtual Fire Tenders Retreat. While the opening Winter Solstice Ceremony is a Free community event, you can join us for the 10-day guided Altar experience if you are called to go deeper.

Sacred Retreat: Holding Space at the Fire. 10-day Virtual Retreat.

1. Live Opening & Closing Ceremonies. Special Zoom Call on Tending to Your Inner Fire with Renee Baribeau

Group will Experience an Opening Ceremony with Renee Baribeau, which will include a Journey to Your Inner Flame.

2. DAILY COMMUNITY SUPPORT  Zoom Calls with graduates from our Wind Walker Program

2pm (PDT). Everything from Singing to Setting Boundaries and Astrology for the New Year.

3. Fire Tenders Workbook

Provides you with all of the information needed to get started and stay organized.

4. Daily Prompts to Your Inbox

You will receive a short video, or written prompt daily, from 12/21-12/30. Prompts will be sent at midnight PST for our European Friends.

5.  Private FB Group Support

There will be group support and altar sharing experience in the Wind Clan.

6. Video Access through our Teaching Platform

30 of The Best of the  IAM Symposium Videos: Presentations by the Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Linda Fitch, Grandmother Maria Teresa Valenzuela, John Lockley, Christina Pratt, Itzhak Beery, Marsha Scarbrough, Terry Morgan, Jorge Luis Delgado, Carol Woodliff, Evelyn Rysdyk and More.

Fire Tenders Gathering 2020

We understand not everyone is prepared to fully commit to the fire for 10-days. You can still participate. Please join us for the Opening Ceremony at the Wind Clan on FB on 12/21 at 4 pm (pst). Keep an altar, and add your prayers as you are called. Receive a Reminder email about the community gathering here.

Cost of the 10-day Experience

Registration before 12/21 – $98

Seniors over 65 use code: crone2022  Receive a $50 discount

  • Altar Time 90% 90%
  • Community 60% 60%
  • Ceremony 100% 100%
  • Transformation 80% 80%

“This has become a tradition that I look forward to, and this year is special, since I have let go of past traditions that I associate with trauma. It’s nice to start anew and have the light of the altar and those fire tending around the world to hold me and guide me. I AM honored, humbled, and so grateful to be a part of this experience. Blessings and Love to All! ♥️”


The Prayers from the Elders
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