Hulda_Lisa_HuntHulda: Teutonic Wind Goddess of  Charity

Hulda means “the covered one, or hidden” Her patronage includes whirlwinds, snowfalls, fertility and the souls of children. This wind goddess generates fiery ether’s that fuel the central hearth. Fire is integral to sustaining life, and whenever smoke mingles with Hulda’s sacred breath, the soul of a community ignites. In “Teutonic Mythology” Grimm suggests that Hulda holds “supreme sway”, and is responsible for whirlwinds. Hulda’s myth lives on in present-day Germany; whenever snow falls people say, “Hulda is cleaning house, and shaking out her feather comforter.“

Hulda’s breath has been ascribed to the glittering road of the Milky Way, and Hulda’s Road (Road of Souls) was the route departed souls traveled in death. Christians regarded her as the queen of witches who carried unbaptized children in her wagon.

In Germanic ideology the generous mother is known for being stern, but always fair. Hard work is secretly rewarded, while laziness is not tolerated and severely punished. Frau Hulda had the ability to shape shift herself and others into various domestic animals. She roamed the skies causing storms at will, and wore many disguises, such as an old hag haunting lakes and fountains, a weaver who shaped girls’ destinies or as a lady cloaked in white, bathing as she listened to music.


There are many names and faces of this mysterious wind Goddess, but the appearance of Hulda in your spread signifies that a benefactor has arrived and you will be rewarded for your honesty, generosity, diligence and sincere efforts.Click To Tweet


When Hulda arrives as the East wind, it is time to clean house. Take comfort, the feathers from Hulda’s trembling quilt will provide protection until the timing is right to launch your new project.

The appearance of Hulda in the contrary position is a warning to be cautious and look closely at the plausibility of your endeavor. Hulda is well known for her severe tests, so you need to be alert in case she makes demands.


Something hidden will be revealed. Discipline and hard work are required and lead to accomplishment, contentment and reward. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude will win her approval every time.

In the contrary position this card warns that selfish motives will not be tolerated; Hulda is capable of transforming gold to dust in the blink of an eye if she detects a greedy heart.


Call upon Hulda when you wish to conceive a child, are planning a journey, or harvesting your crop. If you are willing to put forth a sincere effort, Frau Hulda can teach you how to convert flax into the finest linen.

If this card appears in the contrary position it mean that your life is disheveled and Hulda will materialize as the Ugly Hag. Hulda prefers cleanliness and order, so don’t be surprised if she challenges you. Yield to her wisdom and she’ll bring peace and harmony into your chaos.


It’s time to celebrate. Hulda is rewarding you for your hard work and charitable actions.  The “supreme sway” of Frau Hulda is a gift from the universe bestowing precious jewels into your life,  arriving  from an unexpected source.

If you have failed to consider the heart of your community you may experience a long cold night of the soul, as she rushes in like a whirlwind, slamming her wagon into your best-laid plans.

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