Throughout history, many cultures have regarded wind as a mirror of Spirit. In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is synonymous with air. In Greek, pneuma, like the Hebrew word Ruach or the Sanskrit word prana, means “breath,” “wind” and “Spirit.” In parts of South America, the indigenous people know the wind as wayra and worship a wind god. Wind is a dynamic force of nature that can move invisibly through the places between things, including the spaces between old and new social structures and agreements, whenever we experience chaos and upheaval. There is a natural gap between all things in the physical world, whether they are full-scale objects, like people and plants, or microscopic objects, like atoms and neurons. In the brain, communication occurs in the synapse between neurons when a chemical transmitter secreted by one cell attaches to the membrane of the next. In a healthy brain,

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Learn to Pronounce the Winds of Spirit

Learn to pronounce each Winds of Spirit in this guided teaching


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