Learn to Make Wind Knots, to give your help you Solstice Dreams set sail.  Here is a teaching from this week’s Wind Believers, gathering.


The art of tying Wind Knots dates back to the thirteenth century and is attributed to the wizards of Lapland, the witches of Shetland and the Isle of Man.[1] To ensure that winds would blow in their favor, sailors would visit wind witches who would sell them a strand of wind knots. These potent charms were used to call upon the wind for guidance.

Magicians gathered winds on mountain tops, enclosing varying intensities into knots. During an expedition, a sea captain would untie a single knot to call up a gentle breeze, two for a half of gale, and three knots to summon a storm. New England sailors had a similar practice; silver pence were tossed overboard to regulate winds.” from Winds of Spirit.



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