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How and when did you first come to learn of ‘wind healing’ if indeed we can use this term?

I call it Wind Work. The winds have been around for over four billion years. The belief is that the wind has always held all the information we need as humanity to navigate this earth plane. About 12,500 years ago, when we moved from the outside to the inside, we lost our way with nature and the wind, and our visionary tools shifted from ‘windeyes’ to ‘windows’. Simultaneously, We stopped communicating with people who spoke the same tribal language and started communicating with those that spoke the same religious language. We moved from migration to land ownership, and we then needed an intermediary to understand what was being said to us in the spiritual realms. Priests would start to interpret what the wind was saying to us and would transmit the message in dedicated indoor areas, i.e. churches

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How would you define a shamanic healer?

A Shaman is somebody who travels to the unseen realms to help people with healing within a community and for the well-being of a community. Often when people first become healers, they spend those initial years healing their own problems and personal problems of others and then at some point, they turn their attention to more collective issues. For example, is there enough food to go round, the general healing and well-being of the community, topics of longevity, survival and reproduction are often at the fore.

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