Frau Holle (Hulda) Germanic––Mystery––Secrecy

Summon this mysterious benefactor to provide solace when you have lost faith, a child, a pet, cause, a loved one, or can not see your way when stranded in a fog. Holle can bless the birth of an idea, vision, enterprise or a child.

There is a large dust bunny, a massive haboob forming over the Atlantic Ocean. For two days, the small mountain sentinel I who stands guard of my home, is shrouded in a cloud of haze. There is a secret message in the wind. The winds trying to get our attention, but are we listening?  As I search the daily news for information about this strange occurrence, nothing comes up in my google search in the main media, and yet here it is on Mr MBB333.

Holle comes from the German word kind. This powerful goddess is as mysterious as the foggy bog in northern Germany that is said to be her home. She is linked to many goddesses: Herke; Perchta, wife of Woden; Holda; Holl; Hulda; the queen of heaven; and Mother Mary.[i] She plays a prominent role in German mythology, fairy tales, folktales, customs, and taboos.[ii] Scholars have long debated her history and importance, while Jacob Grimm dates her appearance back to the first century AD and tells us the legends of Holle have been found in France, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.[iii]


We are all connected by the wind, and need to actively cooperate with these forces of energy for positive change. Click To TweetEvery one is entitle to their differences of ideas, yet, we must gather together to conserve our precious resource, humanity.

I believe with my heart that these Winds of Spirit can help steer my ship through turbulent waters, even if the outcome is a mystery.

This week the Holle arrives from the West, the place of endings, physical body, and harvest.

What are we harvesting collectively at this moment in time, as we battle among ourselves?Click To Tweet Good people are holding fast to their beliefs, while other well-meaning folks are forsaking our hard won freedom at every turn. It’s time for us to turn our attention to a better use of the wind, and align to our own magnetic north.

In Germanic ideology, Holle is known for being stern, but always fair. Hard work is rewarded. Laziness is not tolerated, and severely punished. In one legend, Holle arrives as a blustery wind and knocks on a farmer’s door. He welcomes in a stray dog left stranded in the cold. One year later, Holle returns as another menacing storm to thank and reward the farmer with gold for treating her dog with compassion

What makes Holle stand out as a wind spirit is her airy nature, an amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and schools of thought.

If you desire a child, or a new project to be birthed call to this goddess. Her powers are heightened on May nights (May Day Eve) and Christmas Eve, when she is prepared to fulfill your wishes. Holle will intercede on your behalf, whether you are planning a journey, a peaceful protest or harvesting your crop. If you are willing to put forth a sincere effort, Frau Holle can teach you how to magically transform common flax into the finest linen.

When Holle blows in as a western wind, your patience may be tested. You will not be rewarded if your crop is disheveled. Holle prefers cleanliness and order, so don’t be surprised if she challenges you. Yield to her wisdom and she will lift you from chaos and restore peace and harmony in your life.

Would you like to delve deeper into this ancient oracle?  Join us for a Weekly Wind Spirit Card Gathering.

Become a Wind Believer.

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What makes Holle stand out as a wind spirit is her airy nature, an amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and schools of thought.

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