If you are interested in learning more about Wind Work & Navigating the Winds of Change in our lives, Renee’s customized Wind Work workshop and book signing might be perfect for your group. Renee is happy to cater her talk to the time of year and/or what is desired from the group. Past workshop topics have been: SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY, NAVIGATING THE WINDS OF CHANGE IN A WORLD OF CHAOTIC SPIN, AWAKEN YOUR INNER COMPASS, HARNESS & STORE SHAKTI TO ACHIEVE YOUR SPIRITUAL ASPIRATIONS, FINISH THE YEAR STRONG….AND MORE! Contact us to begin planning your workshop experience.


Give yourself a “time out” so you can properly chart your life course. Time to Make Your Vision Board? I supply the complete kit with worksheets and a meditation so you can go deep. You supply the enthusiasm and magazines! Gather a Group of 8 or more Friends, to share a 4 hour day of Energy Work, Vision, and Fun with Renee Baribeau.


Many of you may not know that Renee is a chef. Cooking saved her life. She had her own cooking show and even wrote a book called “The Shaman Chef”. Today she leads cooking classes upon request. I encourage you to try this hands on experience with Renee as your guide. As you connect to your food Renee also helps you to remember that everything under the winds charm, matters.


Are you interested in some hands on instruction? Learn how to work with the Winds of Spirit with Renee and a small group. Learn Tips and Tools to work with the wind book and the exciting world of Wind Work®. Learn to call a daily wind, tie a wind knot, and use the Wind Whistle for Meditation. Renee developed her own line of Wind Whistlers and loves traveling the country, teaching her readers how to use them. The possibilities are endless! Contact us to set up your next Wind Whistling Workshop.


When you schedule a Soul Card Reading with Renee, you will enjoy her straight-forward and practical process. The information you discover in your session will be accurate and insightful. Renee’s laser focused reading is about mastering your Winds of Change. If you are interested in working more directly with Renee’s Winds of Spirit deck, she is happy to provide a “Wind Blessing” for the group instead. Renee’s direct connection with her intuition and her practical action steps will help you along the path in a massive way. Click here to learn more and schedule a session. 

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Learn to Pronounce the Winds of Spirit

Learn to pronounce each Winds of Spirit in this guided teaching


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