A Mentorship Event – May 31 through June 2, 2019

Herstories of the Desert is taking place in Palm Desert, CA from
May 31 through June 2, 2019

SATURDAY- June 1, 2019 STARHAWK – Keynote Speaker
Activist, Writer, Filmmaker, Women’s Spirituality and Permaculture expert.

SUNDAY- June 2, 2019 Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman Award Winning Hay House Author of Winds of Spirit


  • To present women’s stories told “outside history” to a larger audience, in a fun and comfortable atmosphere and told primarily by elder experts in the women’s community
  • To offer grants to women for Stories, Thesis, Research and/or Cultural Arts

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Herstories From the Desert is Sponsored by and Benefits:

● Womens Heritage Project Grants
● Putchipuu’s La Guajira Village Women & Children

About Women’s Heritage Project (WHP)

The path of this 20 year old company is created from a lifetime culmination of team interests. We take a feminist approach to history, human rights and social justice, the environment and especially to research regarding women’s Studies and Spirituality.

The majority of women in this community are Elders and realize, to protect our research, we have to mentor younger generations.

What makes WHP strong is a dedication to providing grants for women’s research. We, as women have finally reached a pinnacle point in the greater community and institutes of higher learning. A strong endowment will keep the information strong and formidable.

WHP creates interesting events, covering the above topics and then grants funds from the profits for women’s research. HERSTORIES FROM THE DESERT is just that; a joyful, fun and informative mentorship event sharing lifetimes of cross cultural women’s stories.

Her Story in the Desert

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

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