Autumn-Leaf_400Did your harvest your dreams this year, or do you have unfinished projects waiting in the shadows?

With the fall Equinox just around the corner, the expression, “How time flies” is most fitting. It seems like only yesterday that I opened my front door and ushered in the New Year. Back then I had a long list of goals and resolutions. I was very optimistic about the upcoming year.

If you are like most people, your calendar is full of great ideas and noble intentions, as well as unrealized goals and incomplete tasks. You may be asking yourself, “Did I set out to attain too many lofty goals? Have I lost my enthusiasm?”

Is there a project you would like to complete this year?

Although dreams may be sown with great vigor and enthusiasm in the early spring, motivation tends to wane as the months pass by. It’s easy to loose focus as we shift our attention to the revelry of the fall and the holiday season as our dreams gradually fade away.

Ask yourself, “Have I attained my goal? Am I enjoying the fruits of my labor?”

A farmer I know reminded me that there is always more work to do after harvest. She found it frustrating that other gardeners didn’t complete the job and left stalks standing in the field. I remembered pulling the plants in my garden and raking the soil in final preparation for winter.

Perhaps you have completed your goals, but have you properly tilled and prepared your field for the upcoming season?

This is the third year that I am offering my, “Finish the Year Strong” class. I created this program to help people regain the momentum they’ve lost after planting their crops. Human goals and dreams are seasonal, and I teach people how to tune into their inner rhythms and harvest a bountiful crop.

If you’ve ever successfully harvested a crop, you know that it is easier done with the help of others. In the past, farmers would travel from field-to-field in order to lend a hand to each other. It is difficult to ensure a successful bounty without outside help.

Whether your field is full or empty, preparation and planning for the year ahead are essential to your success. Each year I steward a group of people with dreams and aspirations they wish to plant, nurture and harvest. Seeds grow when conditions are right, and ideally, crops are harvested when they’re at their peak. Join me and I’ll show you how to harvest your dreams and “Finish the Year Strong.”

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