As we find ourselves at the cusp of another equinox, we pause to reflect on the infinite wisdom held within the rhythms of nature. This sacred time of the year represents a profound moment of balance, with day and night holding equal measure. As we embrace this harmonious energy, we have a unique opportunity to manifest our deepest desires by syncing our intentions with the powerful vibrations of the Sun.

If you resonated with the short message above, I invite you to listen to the replay with a  manifestation journey, we have curated from an insightful one hour training, Aligning your Vision for the Fall, that helps you align yourself with the Sun’s energy during the equinox. It is our hope that you will find a practical, yet transcendent, approach to enriching your spiritual life by engaging in this sacred connection.

Key highlights from the video include:

Setting an intention: Begin by carefully cultivating a specific intention that resonates deeply with your authentic self – choose something that your heart truly desires and that aligns with your higher purpose.

Finding your sacred space: Identify a quiet location where you feel naturally at ease – a serene environment that nurtures a deep connection with the elemental forces at play during the equinox. Consider creating an altar with a symbol of the Sun as a focal point.

Cleansing and grounding: To clear stagnant energy and ground yourself, engage in a simple cleansing ritual. This can involve smudging with sage, taking a rejuvenating salt bath, or simply immersing yourself in nature – such as walking barefoot on the earth or connecting with water.

Meditation and visualization: Immerse yourself in a guided wind meditation to attune your energy to the solar frequencies. Visualize the Sun’s and Wind Spirits, bathing your entire being, empowering your intentions, and setting them in motion. 

Watch the 1-Hour Equinox Replay Here

Express gratitude and release: Finally, express your deep gratitude to the Sun for the blessings it brings and the energy it shares. Release your intentions, trusting that the universe will guide their manifestation—the ideal outcome for your highest good.

Embarking on this equinox manifestation ritual will not only attune you to the sacred cycles of nature but also provide a practical, heart-centered method for harnessing the wisdom of ancient shamanic practices. By aligning your intentions with the balance of the equinox and the potent energy of the Sun, you move closer to a harmonious and fulfilling life.

May the warmth and radiance of the Sun illuminate your path, as you journey forward into the coming season. And remember, we are here to support and guide you on this beautiful spiritual journey.

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