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 Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine

In Winds of Spirit, shamanic healer Renee Baribeau shares the rich mythology and cultural significance of wind, while also presenting a powerful system to help you recognize and utilize the subtle energies in your life to heal yourself. In Sandra Ingerman’s words, Winds of Spirit is, “one of the best books I have read. It is inspiring and unique.”


Winds of Spirit” is a fabulous book that will transform you into a lover of the wind. Renee Baribeau is an exquisite word smith. Her writing emerges from the depth of her heart and soul as she writes about her life experience and how she healed herself. She shares such awe inspiring legends and practices of how to work with the wind to navigate life, heal from your past and invoke blessings. This is truly one of the best books I have read. It is a inspiring and unique.

Sandra Ingerman, MA

Author of "Soul Retrieval" and "Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life"

Winds of Spirit is a beautiful and thought-provoking book that presents the winds as transpersonal forces of Nature that live around and within us throughout our lives….This absorbing book held my interest to the last and reveals Renee Baribeau as a modern Western medicine woman who suggests how we may interact with the many different winds should we choose to do so … and that we are all Children of the Winds.

Hank Wesselman, PhD.,

Anthropologist and shamanist teacher, author of The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder

A unique and fascinating book to help you re-set your inner compass and navigate the uncharted seas of your life. “Winds of Spirit” invites you to meet the wind gods of ancient times who will help you find grace and wisdom in any situation if you invoke them. A truly magical book for the modern seeker.

Colette Baron-Reid

Best-selling author of numerous books and oracle decks including Messages from Spirit, The Map, Uncharted, Wisdom of The Oracle

Praises to Renee Baribeau for blowing a gust of fresh wind into the rich shamanic body of wisdom. This book masterly reconnects us to the wind gods/goddesses and steer us to think and develop an intimate relationship with that life-giving and destructive force, one we may take for granted. Read this remarkable book.

Itzhak Beery

Author of The Gift of Shamanism, Shamanic Transformations, and Shamanic Healing

Winds of Spirit provides us with useful tools to venture into the magical world of Wind and the mythical, and often intimidating, domain of wind deities, the gods and goddesses who function as our wayshowers and gatekeepers as we learn to gauge and calibrate the daily challenges that we encounter in our life. Winds of Spirit presents ancient wisdom, interpreted by a shamanic practitioner who has learned to navigate her inner and outer worlds in harmony with spirit. “Going with the wind” becomes here a mystical mandate like “Solve et Coagula,” the axiom that encapsulates alchemy of soul. Ms. Baribeau´s book is a jewel that can help us on our journey to self-unfoldment and self-realization.

Yolanda Robinson, PhD


Beautifully written. Truly Inspiring. Practical and applicable. This book will help guide you to the true path of finding your own inner wisdom and verified faith. Read it, apply the wisdom and together we shall create a positive change on this planet from the inside out.

Noah Levine

Author of Dharma Punk: A Memior. Founder of Refuge Recovery

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