10-day Gratitude Circle

Transform your life with a simple daily practice – Gratitude.
Join us for a Group 10-day Gratitude Process that begins on 11/19/23

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”  Melody Beattie


Discover how gratitude can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, fostering peace today and vision for tomorrow.

Gratitude isn’t just a feeling; it’s a practice that can bring magic into your everyday life. Learn how,  this 10-day circle will guide you through simple, yet powerful, daily Nature prompts that can reshape your perspective and invite more joy into your life.

No Rules, Just Gratitude

Gratitude flows freely from the heart, and every individual’s journey is unique. Yet, a gentle nudge in the right direction can elevate your experience. Our carefully crafted daily prompts will escort you down a path rich in self-discovery and deep appreciation, commencing this New Moon on November 19th, 2023. Your toolkit for transformation includes inspiring Video Prompts, insightful Worksheets, and heartfelt Gratitude Slogans—all designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, within the sanctuary of your home. As we cultivate joy collectively, the Wind Clan FaceBook Group will serve as our virtual gathering space,(You will receive prompts in your email, FB is not necessary for this to work),  a place to share triumphs, insights, and the blossoming of our gratitude practice.

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Gratitude is the first step to a richer, fuller life.

Your Guide

Renee Baribeau,

The Practical Shaman

Renee Baribeau, is The Practical Shaman, a Wind Whistler, and Hay House Author of Winds of Spirit. Renee is the “go-to” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers and dynamic spiritual keynote speaker. She injects humor and practical wisdom into her dynamic, inspirational Wind Work® workshops. Renee helps individuals at a point of transformation in their lives. She helps them find their enlightened way of life and guides them towards their true purpose through the wind’s knowledge.

Invite the Winds of Spirit into Your Life.

The Practical Shaman, Renee Baribeau

My life completely changed once I started my sessions with Renee. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach was the catalyst I needed to start making positive changes in my life. Renee offers spiritual and practical tools that you can immediately put into practice to witness impactful personal growth. My confidence increased, I’m now able to maintain a loving committed relationship and she helped me create healthy boundaries in both my personal and professional life. Renee is a unique grounding force who has a special gift for insight.

Kristen Z

Television Executive

An intuitive course informed by partnering with nature, ritual, self assessment and group support that clears the path for optimal creativity, clarity, presence, responsibility and acceptance of the darker parts of the journey

Wind Work Participant

This challenge was exactly what I needed right now. The tools you are giving us are fantastic

George M

The winds of Spirit are here to move us through the changes necessary to heal ourselves, each other and Mother earth. This course will give you practical and effective ways to ground your vision into the here and now. It will help you remove the obstacles standing in our way of tilling the soil. It will guide you to plant seeds to be grown and tended to, in order to yield the harvest of your dreams.

During our 5 weeks together I learned the importance of embodied instruction. Renee’ is breaking ground with Wind work, which is all new language and content. Renee’s knowledge gave ground to help the group stay moving with this deeply experiential work. I am an instant devotee to Wind work! It is essential on one’s spiritual journey.

Heather Lee Huff

This course kicked my butt, it created a side of myself that I had no idea was in me to grow from. Now I will not live without this work. I’ll weave this work into my daily life. I loved the friendships and trust among all involved. Renee says it like it is, she moves, & pushes you to really feel the wind navigation and grow. I’m grateful Renee Baribeau for believing in me.

Wind Clan Member

This course was a deep dive into buried treasure.  Working with resistance isn’t easy but the rewards are huge.  Renee is an excellent guide.  There needed to be trust, and there was, heaps of it.

Wind Clan Member

Last Fall I did the Finish the Year Strong program with Renee. I went into it with some career goals I wanted to tackle and some personal issues that I wanted to experience more healing and peace about. The program gave me the tools and processes I needed to work towards and through all that I brought to the course for tending plus so much more than I could ever have imagined. Still, with just a little over a week left of Winter, I am still experiencing new results and growth (and honestly, kind of blowing myself away!) with the changes that are coming and with much less effort than before. The biggest gift I got from Finish the Year Strong was deep alignment with myself….and more trust in trusting that so that anything out of alignment can fall away. I cannot believe how different I feel in just two seasons and I can’t wait for the Spring program! I feel like I am finally in my body and fully present since I finished the last wind class.

Finish the Year Strong Participant

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