Italian born, Gaetano Vivo is one of Europe’s most experienced and sought-after Reiki Masters, practicing in the UK, the US and Italy. He is a member of the Complementary Medical Association of Great Britain, the International Council of Holistic Therapies, the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Noetic Association of America. From a young age he has experienced the ‘calling’ of ‘others’ who wish to pass on teachings and wisdoms in order we may make lighter work of our time here on Earth. Although, due to being brought up in a strict Catholic community, he was forced to ignore this information, he never forgot what he had received. For decades, Gaetano has been treating clients from all walks of life, regardless of faith or creed, believing that the healing power of love is open to all of us. When not touring he divides time between his homes in England and Italy and takes great delight in his garden.

Gaetano's new book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls addresses the questions, "Could wise and wonderful beings contact us from beyond this world and unveil our true potential? Would knowing that we really mattered enable us to uncover the truth behind our reason for living?" This fascinating book offers answers, spiritual practices and comprehensive meditations by teacher, healer and author, Gaetano Vivo, which have the potential to strengthen, heal and transform lives and bring hope and inspiration. It also clarifies the true nature of Reiki as a simple, yet profound tool for accessing and accepting the power of universal energy—what we might call ‘love’ or ‘God'—and touches on our fundamental dilemma: Who are we and why do we exist? More than 20,000 people have already enjoyed Gaetano’s earlier offerings in both English and Italian. This book offers the reader a chance to digest messages from ‘higher beings’ for greater understanding of our own personal evolution. Anyone seeking to live a happier, better life, and has felt the desire to undertake life with greater confidence and self-worth, will relish this book.

Yesterday, Gaetano visited Dana Taylor at, where they talked about becoming a Reiki Master, multi-dimensional living and cutting cords.
Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Gaetano when I got to ask him some questions on healing the inner child, cutting chords and transparency. I hope you enjoy it.

How does your book relate to healing the inner child?

Gaetano Vivo: The Angels of Transparency helped me to come to terms with many things about my life. Some of them appeared to me as childlike angels. They told me that the time had arrived to look inside myself and heal my inner child. So I got in touch with that part of myself that I had hidden, abandoned and rejected for such a long time. I felt like a new world was coming to life—like I was reborn. It felt like my skin was being regenerated somehow and that all my old issues were being healed and addressed. When we heal our inner child then we can think of moving forward and healing other people or showing them how to heal themselves. It is very important that we do this at this particular time on the Earth when there are a lot of people who have fear for the future: they have lost their jobs and are in need of a big shift, a big change, a greater transformation that can only come from within first of all.

Do the Angels help you cut chords?

Gaetano Vivo: One of the most important things you can do is to ask Archangel Michael to cut the energetic cords with the people you have interacted with during the day, so that your energy stays pure and intact without having any debris, or energetic thoughts coming from any of the persons you have met during the day.

Ask Archangel Michael to cut, using his sword, all the cords from people and go to sleep safely and full of love energy. With Archangel Michael, I learned to cut the cords that bound me to people with whom I had interacted and who had left imprints in my aura that didn't need to be there anymore. Archangel Michael taught me how to cut those cords that are made of fear, resentment, anger and hate so my aura could be more expanded and filled with love, light and joy.

What do you mean by transparency?

Gaetano Vivo: A need to clearly see into the hearts belonging to 'people of influence' has never been more necessary than now. Teachers, physicians, politicians, business leaders and the like are being asked to lay bare their souls, in order that we all feel they are doing 'their bit' for everyone else. As I watch the news and see media moguls exposed, politicians forced to be made accountable I am actually 'seeing' the layers peeled back to bring to the fore the true intent of their actions…and though it is not a pretty sight, it is necessary.

But in order for people to pull together as we are forced through a bottleneck into the unknown, we all have to be confident of the authenticity of everyone's words and deeds in order to progress on our path of conscious evolution. Transparency is all about the unveiling of our true intent, the nature of our hearts desire and the possible outcomes of our actions. Then deciding what is worth pursuing. Transparency is not just about shedding pure light on others, but having that light shed on ourselves too, to investigate if we are being all we can be. Are we true to ourselves, expressing the qualities of compassion, patience and understanding outwardly as well as within? Only when we have the full, untainted version of the human hearts before us can we execute discernment and make better choices for ourselves, our families and our communities at large.

Right now, no one shoe fits all. No one belief resonates with all hearts, nor can one way of thinking be enforced successfully upon billions. I know that to suggest that we live transparently in an age where 'illusions' and false promises spew forth at us from all forms of media and indoctrination will shock and surprise some, and perhaps instil anxieties in others. But ultimately 'being ourselves', expressing what is true for us and allowing others to do the same will make our life choices easier and help us to better change or discard that which does not serve us or our living planet any longer. And this may vary between people, but that sense of diversity will allow us to see the various possible outcomes play out in real terms and then live accordingly.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Gaetano Vivo and that you’ll check out his book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls at

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