The Fire Tenders Altar Video From Our Hearts to Yours.

180 Fire Tenders plus 35 Wisdom Keepers including the 2021 Wind Walker Apprentices.

There is power in community. Find Yours’ Today! You are the reason we do this year after year. Community is the Hope on the Horizon.
Here is what some Fire Tenders shared:
New to the group…had no idea what I was in for….I felt loved and cared for. The presentations made me sing, dance, cry, feel joy, peace, calm…made me dig in, ask important questions of myself, and want to go deeper. I learned a lot of new practices. My soul was fed and nurtured.” Melia“This is my first year, and my experience as a fire tender opened up an expansion of awareness regarding community and honoring. I created my very first altar. Every session brought new insight and support.” Leslie“This is like a wonderful slow motion retreat. I wish I had taken the entire week off to fully enter into the experience.” Elena“I’ve joined annual circle for years now. Each year is uniquely powerful, addressing our current needs and holding the vision of healing for our global tribe. May we continue to carry the sacred flame forward, bearers of Divine Light today and tomorrow.” Donna

“From the day I made the commitment to be a Wind Walker Fire Tender it has been chaos. The winds of change and growth have sucked me into the center of the storm and blew me out in all directions. My spirit has been expanded, torn apart, and gently woven back together with loving strength and tenacity. Blessings to the Wind Clan, may we all hold sacred space for one another~ with love and peace.” Marcia

Learn to Pronounce the Winds of Spirit

Learn to pronounce each Winds of Spirit in this guided teaching


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