My life became increasing out of balance. As a Shamanic Coach, I would assign my clients the task of learning to play with their inner child, even advise them to take an afternoon for an “artist date”. From the outside it looked like I even knew how to do this for myself. After all I would take trips to see the fall foliage, visit the museums, grow a vegetable garden, write, cook, and paint. At the end of the day, my efforts felt like more work and less like fun.


My sand box sat empty in the yard, and my toys faded in the hot summer sun. So in the spirit of playfulness, I am embarking on remembering the spirit of play. I am inviting you to meet me in my sandbox for a play date. Let’s unschool our tasking tendencies and clumsily revisit our inner playfulness. Let the fun begin.

Invite the Winds of Spirit into Your Life

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