Can you believe it?  We are in the final quarter of 2011… 2012 is just around the corner.
The pachakuti is well underway and we are feeling the effects rocking the globe… and maybe your personal life as well…
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Where is your compass pointing?  Has the tremendously intense and transformational (some might even say chaotic and hurricane-like!) energy pushed you off course in your own life?  Our internal compass will always light the way we SHOULD be going… but sometimes we get turned around, lost, or just plain old stubborn about following it.  Even worse, sometimes we cant see or hear that internal guidance at all because we are so caught up in the hectic emergency-to-emergency overwhelm of our every day life.

And good heavens don’t listen to the media whatever you do!!!  Devastation, tragedy and panic about the future sell tickets to the show… but falling into a belief system around what the skewed lenses of the media are showing you is the last thing you want to do!

The real truth… what the media doesn’t want you to know and won’t tell you is…

This is a powerful, wonderful time to be alive!

These intense times can lead us to create laser focus in our spiritual lives, holding the energy for ourselves and the world with ferocious determination strengthens our spiritual muscles and makes us unstoppable.

That is… if you stay on your path, take care of yourself and consciously decide to create positivity and peace in your personal space, no matter how many Chicken Littles knock on your door to let you know that the sky is, indeed, this time for real, falling.

Don’t use the chaos around you to fall into a poor-me pattern!  It can be a little tempting to throw up our hands in mock defeat and shrug… Times are hard, you might catch yourself saying, or “I’m doing the best I can…”

It’s NOT the times, and if you’re not getting what you want, it’s not your best!  What I’m about to tell you isn’t to brag or show off but to let you know what can happen when you apply the principles of Practical Shamanism to your daily life…

400,000 people lost power in the Coachella Valley where I life.  My house is smack dab in the heart of the power outage area… and yet, I was happily, obliviously puttering around my house, enjoying the A/C, making dinner with new groceries in my ice cold freezer and reading to my hearts content until the wee hours of the night…

While everyone around me was on the border of a heat stroke, losing hundreds of dollars in perishables and hours of work on their computers… I was happy as a clam, completely insulated by the energies that surround and illumine me…

Because I make it a conscious effort to line up with them.

I’m not telling you this to impress you, but to let you know that YOUR life can be just exactly the same.

Get the only friendly agent at the DMV, the only parking space near the front of the store, unexpected financial windfalls and so much more!  In times of great chaos the awareness of true union … that kind of divine connection, the awareness of “no seperation” and unity with all things … has a greater opening to come into your life.

That opening can lead not just to more money, more peace, more fun in your life… but it can generate such powerful energies in your consciousness when you learn to be the “eye” in the middle of storms.

All the sayings of the mystics can come to life for you – that’s one of the gifts of turbulent times.  You can know that “I am the Japan Earthquake, the cloud of ash over Europe and I am the gale winds of Hurricane Irene.  This morning, I had the realization this is also true for the latest discoveries and good news in the world; I am the Ipad 2 an amazing technological advance in connection and education, I am the 1million young adults receiving health care benefits, the random acts of kindness after each devastating event of nature, and I will be the most environmentally green  structure replacing the fallen tower in NYC.  Within my essence I am like all of difficult acts of nature and human, and all of the brilliance of our science, technology and grassroots farming and awakening movement.”

Facilitating this transformation from fear and terror to freedom and transformation led me to creating space for a new type of workshop this fall. Next month in Santa Fe on Oct14-16, I am gathering a group for a weekend called Tools for Awakening, a compass for a soul driven life.  Please join us, this is a workshop for people who seek to simplify their life.  It is a modern day program based in Indigenous wisdom,; a chance to renew you mesas, your traditions, or yourself.
Find out if this program is a fit for you.
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