China’s history is filled with many wind gods and goddesses responsible for maintaining peace and order in every day life. Feng Po Po, the crone, is often referred to as Madame Wind. With her age comes great wisdom that states,

“In harmony everything is possible.”Click To Tweet Often depicted as old and wrinkled, Feng Po Po carries a full sack of wind in her arms while riding on the back of a tiger. On calm days she expresses her generous spirit by nurturing and embracing the elements, but when her mood turns foul, she unleashes pent up winds in the form of violent storms.

Like Feng Po Po’s bag of wind, balance implies that both prevailing winds must be present simultaneously. A light breeze is a welcome addition on a hot summer day. A mood can quickly turn into a foul wind when we sacrifice play by overworking ourselves. To be human is to constantly strive for states of balance. Giving and receiving, working and playing, loving and losing are lessons experienced by every human who wishes to achieve harmony in their lives.

Balance is a virtue, but an excess of a good thing can easily become a vice.Click To Tweet

When Madame Wind appears in your life, it is time to ask yourself, “Am I living a life of harmony and or am I abusing power and heading for a breakdown?”

Are you practicing mindfulness? An old Buddhist adage says that if you’re too busy to meditate, you need to sit longer. When Feng Po Po appears upright in your spread, it is time to trust the process. A new creation will appear as you contemplate and harmonize with the forces of nature.If Madame Wind appears in the Contrary position, it is time to strive for harmony by releasing outmoded thoughts and altering your course.

Feng Po Po offers her wisdom to assist you in aligning your needs and desires with the harmonizing forces of nature. Treating yourself to wholesome, nutritious food is one way of taking care of your self, but overindulging may be a sign that your emotional state is out of balance.

If Madame Wind appears in the comes as a cross wind, ask yourself, “How am I neglecting my needs, and why are my creative juices becoming desiccated like raisins in the sun?

Feng Po Po Clearing Exercise to Restore Balance in a Relationship or Situation

First identify the prevailing issue with a business partner, love interest, family member, or friend. Then, write your concern in the air by being direct, and take sweeping broad strokes with your hand as you write. Summons the Chinese Wind Goddess, Feng Po Po. Visualize the old crone, Madame Wind, swooping down on the back of her tiger, collecting your writing and putting into her wind sack. Watch as she tightens the neck of her bag with a taut rope. Turn away, and as she ascends feel your burden lifted.

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