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FALL EQUINOX & Wind Whistling Ceremony

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

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Time Bends like the Wind. Call will be Recorded for Convenient Playback. Link will be sent to all registered participants.

The winds of change are blowing. The wheel of life is turning.

Ask the Winds about Your 2019 Harvest:

  • What to Keep and What to Discard?

  • What is Usable, or Not?

  • What should you say Yes To this Fall?

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Just finished listening to the Fall Equinox show. What an awesome, POWERFUL experience! Thank you, Renee! I’ll be signing up for BOTH your 5-week class and your Shift network seminar. WOW! I’m really impressed!


With a few simple practices you can resurrect long forgotten aerodynamic wind tools, and learn how to navigate the ever changing landscape of life.

Join Renee Baribeau, “The Practical Shaman” as she teaches you how to successfully navigate through life no matter which way the winds are blowing. There is no greater call to do just that than when a new season calls us to move forward.


Wind Spirit Cards for Daily Inspiration

Recent Article in Energy Magazine by Renee Baribeau

Wind Spirit Card Sample

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