The East (The Mind, New Beginnings)

In many Native American cultures, the East is associated with the majestic eagle, a symbol of a powerful force residing within us: vision. With it’s acute eyesight, an eagle can spot a rabbit in a field a mile below. Similarly, our minds are capable of “seeing” our place on the Map of life. The Lakota Sioux Indians of North America regard the eagle as a mediator between the physical and spiritual worlds, and as a totem animal said to carry prayers to heaven. South American shamans also speak of a future time when the eagle, representing the North, and the condor, representing the South, will fly as one, symbolizing an age of unity, and shared vision among people of all nations.

The Eastern Landscape

Indigenous people have always been keenly aware of the lands surrounding their community. They understand the growing seasons, location of food sources, and demonstrate great respect for the local flora and fauna. Urban communities are not built upon this model. Residents habitually frequent favorite grocery stores, pharmacies, dry cleaners, and so on, which are generally within close proximity to their homes. Winds that blow through the eastern landscape can help you establish positive priorities, and become fully awake to your inner landscape and it’s relationship to the external world. With this awareness comes connection. In every tradition, the territory of the East is associated with the morning star, and springtime. Everywhere on the planet, the sun rises in the East, and so it is with your life; East is the source of all beginnings.

Signs and Symptoms of Sailing Through the East Wind

Whenever you feel the mighty breath of an eastern wind stinging your face, and buffeting the world around you, it signifies that you’re about to embark on a new journey. Accept this opportunity with open arms, and a smile upon your face. Just as the sun rises in the East, your life starts anew in the East, not only every day, but with every new project, relationship, or stage of life, with a promise of hope, and a sense of purpose and renewal.

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Everything in life is cyclical: the four seasons, the planting of crops, business transactions, relationships, and personal growth. Each blessed moment presents an opportunity for positive change to be initiated. Surrendering to the energy of the East requires an examination your beliefs. Be at peace with your thoughts, and healing will follow. Fight a thought, and the thought prevails. By surrendering to the East, thoughts lose momentum and transformation occurs.

Heading east on the Map is a roaring call to adventure. A true adventure demands an upheaval in the natural order of your life. While the East is associated with light, vision, birth, childhood, intuition, and the untamable, it also demands our full attention, so we must be fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Be mindful when your Awakening Compass indicates you are heading east. Endings followed by new beginnings await you on the horizon. On a small scale, this could mean the arrival of an unexpected visitor, the loss of a job, or a sudden health concern. On a larger scale, it could signify the devastation of communities, nations, and impending war. From a simple “aha” moment to a major life change, the frontier of the East beckons you to awaken, rise up, and move forward with your senses fully alert. Fly high like an eagle, and let your indomitable spirit set you free.

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